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Lactose Intolerance??

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My 10yo dd has recently developed trouble digesting milk. If she has too much milk on an empty stomach (such as breakfast) she often ends up throwing up. She doesn't have this problem with ice cream, cheese, or yogurt.

Does this sound like lactose intolerance to you? What can I do about it?

I can't start buying lactose-reduced milk for her because I get more milk than I know what to do with from WIC- it's supposed to be only for Jack, but it's enough milk for all 3 of them. I couldn't get it changed to lactose-reduced because Jack has no problem with milk in any form.
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Milk isn't necessary for humans after they've weaned. The tough part will be changing her eating habits - or maybe not if its making her sick! Make sure she eats legumes and dark green veggeis like collards, kale and broccoli for extra calcium. You can always put them in smoothies if need be.
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Usually lactose intolerant people are pretty sensitive to ice cream too. I can't say I've ever heard of throwing up from being lactose intolerant though, usually it's more discomfort and bloating because the body can't digest it properly. Speaking from my own personal experience, things like ice cream, whip cream, and milk are the worst. things like cheese and yogurt are easier to digest because they are cultured products and are already sort of *pre-digested*. An easy way to figure out if it's lactose intolerance might be to give her some lact-aid or generic equivalent and see if that works. They are little pills that contain the enzyme to digest the milk sugars which lactose intolerant people don't seem to have (or don't have enough of).
I know that cow's milk isn't required for humans, but this still leaves me with a few questions:

1) She's a vegetarian and she doesn't like beans. What am I supposed to feed her??

2) What do I do with all the free milk I get from WIC?

Originally Posted by Ruthla

2) What do I do with all the free milk I get from WIC?
Maybe you could try making your own yogurt/cheese?
That's a good idea. We're moving in early July, so I'm not starting any new projects (in the kitchen or otherwise) before then, but maybe we'll figure out how to make yogurt this summer. Sounds like a fun project to do with the girls.
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