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Ladies.... help me pick some wool :)

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I'm so excited... I've sold off 2 of my dd's outfits that she has outgrown. ONE of them is selling for over 50 bucks!!! WAHOO!!!

So, I'll have some extra money to try and get a wool piece.... so....

What do you guys recommend? A cover, a soaker? (we have 3 fleece covers, and we love them.. but they are sooooo bulky)

I think I like the soakers and the shorts, but what is more functional? And which are economical and have quality? I'd love to have some of the ones that you guys have shown.... but I think I'd have to sell her whole wardrobe for one of those

Thanks for your input!!!
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I would personally get:

1 wool soaker from BJs marketplace (on ebay) *that's $20*
1 wool jersey cover from a wahm (loveybums or crystal's cloth or something) *that's $16-25*

I loooove my soakers.

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I just want to watch this because I am trying to learn more about wool as well!

What about Fuzbomb's? THey seem REALLY expensive but I LOVE the colours. How do they rate?
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