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LAM + fertility monitor? Help! ;-)

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Ds is almost five months old and I want to chart to avoid (I charted for three years or so before getting pg with ds) My problem is that I am worried about 'catching' my first cycle.

After I had dd, my fertility returned at around 15 months pp. I don't want to assume it'll be this long this time, every pregnancy / pp is different. Also, she never took a pacifier, and ds loves his.

So anyway, I was thinking about using a fertility monitor (saliva) to help me see when my body might start getting back to fertility... Any ideas?

I didn't see much here about this... I"ll try to do another search...

but has anyone done that? any recommendations for a particular type, brand? (i've never used one before, not sure if there are a lot of varieties?) How often should I use one? (daily, every few days, every few weeks??)

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so I've seen mention of the following monitors around here:

Ovacue - $300
Maybe MOM - $40
Clearblue? - not reusable?

any opinions? I would ideally like one that is resuable and would 'warn' me of ovulation at least several days in advance...
You're talking about the saliva monitors, right, not the pee ones?

I was *just* looking here for one...seems there is the Fertile Focus and the LadyQ...those are the two that come to mind right now. As for good places to buy them, I don't know. This website I'm looking at LOOKS professional...
thanks for the reply.. I was thinking maybe my post was invisible

I think I would prefer a saliva one, but seems like the 'pee' ones are more accurate?? or maybe that's just a 'sales' claim.

mainly, I want something that will 'warn' me of return to ovulation... I'd like to use it as a back-up for charting as well, but my main concern is that I'm afraid to rely just on charting for those first few cycles. (with dd, AF returned at 14-15 months and after 3-4 cycles it was very regular)

since ds is going on 6 months, should I start regularly testing myself?

am i making sense?
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You'd have to pee every day, at the same time, with the pee ones. And according to TCOYF, they don't always tell you AHEAD of time, so I think for your purposes, they might be too little too late.

The site I linked says the saliva tester is 98% accurate?

That's what I'm going to get (TTC rather than avoiding) and perhaps some cheapie ovu son is 23 months and still nurses a TON, and my other signs of ovu aren't reliable right I'm checking everything (except temp, I can't wake up at the same time, and I can't guarantee I won't have been up just an hour before wake-up time).

Anyway, I think the pee tests wouldn't be right for your purposes...also, you have to buy things for it, and they are intended not to be used every day (so you would be increasing your expense) (at least I THINK they aren't meant to be used every day), and YOU would be needing to check EVERY DAY, right? I'd go with saliva.

Have you looked at the ovu test info on It was there that I learned that the pee strips aren't perfect, and that you might miss your surge of hormones, etc etc...the ferning test with saliva just seems better for my purposes. And maybe yours.
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