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I think I've stumbled on to something really great.

In hosting an au pair for my childcare needs, I've found it is not only full time childcare but a cultural learning experience for my children as well. Our au pair is from france and the children are picking up basic french words. Since their language skills are still developing I'm surprised at how well their pronunciation is! Much better than mine has ever been (I've taken high school and some college french).

In addition, the au pair teaches the children French rhymes, traditions and little games. I think it's really preparing them for the global world as they're already asking to travel abroad to see this place their au pair comes from. I think its so great how they are getting a sense for worldly things at a young age and the ability to appreciate individuals unique cultural background.

Studies show that teaching your children these things at a young age puts them at an advantage to adaptation/language learning later in life. I would recommend this form of childcare to anyone wanting to educate their children as well as provide them with quality attention when you have other obligations!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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