This large breast is telling people to #FreeTheFeed.
Creative Ad Agency Mother | London knows a thing or two about grabbing attention. On Sunday, Mother's Day in the United Kingdom, they placed a very large breast on top of a building to spread breastfeeding awareness.

If you happened to be in the neighborhood (specifically in the Shoreditch area of London), you probably were privy to one of the most unique positive breastfeeding promotions we've seen!

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The agency said that the breast was specifically purposed to make a point about the judgement or embarrassment women feel with regard to feeding their babies in public. They hope that women feel more empowered in their feeding choices and places.

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The creative team also said that this 'project' was to celebrate every woman's right to feed her children what and where they choose, without feeling guilt or embarrassment about their parenting choices. Although it seems insane that judgement is even an issue in this day and age, the large breast has sparked quite the conversation about feeding stigmas.

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A creative ad company wanted to promote feeding your child anywhere and however you need to!

Kudos, Mother | London! We're with you as you work to #freethefeed!

Photo Credit: ADWEEK