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large newborn fitted diapers

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My 3 week old son weighs just over 10 lbs and is outgrowing most of his newborn fitteds. We have BBH's (he'll outgrow them within a week or two), Mutts (okay, but I prefer snap-in soakers and having 2 snaps on each side to prevent wing droop, and I don't love the two snap heights), RB FLAM's (not many snap settings), FF xs's (not much fabric to soak), SPB's (not many snap settings), and Kissaluvs (wing droop makes me crazy, and they wear out quickly). This is my second baby with whom I've cloth diapered from the beginning. I used Kissaluvs and SugarPlumBaby fitteds with my first and sold most of them. I have 9 1/2 pound babies that take awhile to lose their cords, so I like having snapdowns or cutouts, but would love a diaper that really fits well from 8-13 pounds instead of 5-10. I've tried putting our 10-20 lb diapers on him, but they're all too big (FCB's, LC's, BBH's, and small FF's). I'm growing more and more fond of my prefolds by the day, but there must be a good newborn diaper out there that fits a big newborn.

I saw nb/sm Loveybums on the TP--has anyone used those? When do they stop fitting? The LB store has sherpa ones instock, so if they're fabulous, I'll go buy some new before he outgrows them. I feel like I've tried so many things that I ought to have found something that works well by now. I don't care if they're outgrown quickly, as long as they fit well until the 10-20 lb dipes fit.
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I made VB Fitteds out of the AIO small pattern and have an 8lb 4oz (currently girl). They fit with the crossover tab and are supposed to fit 12-18 lbs, I think; however, I think they run a little small. I'm not sure what else will work because that is my only experience so far, but thought that might help.

Have you tried(looked at the sizing on) KindHeartedWomen, BeccasBottom or AFEW? I'm mentioning these three because they are all slightly larger then the Kissaluv's, have the cord snap down and are what I'm starting to reach for first with my 3wk old (she hasn't hit 10lbs yet tho).

The KHW is by far the thickest in the body and it comes with a doubler...the newer ones are sewn in. These are labeled as smalls not NB if that matters. The BB and AFEW aren't quite as thick (especially in the body of the diaper) but both have doublers, the BB was sewn in, the AFEW I stitched down. All of these are comparable in size even though they are not all labeled as NB size.
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