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LAST CALL - Korean Podeagi with me?

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Who here would be interested in getting a genuine Korean podaegi? (Mariposita/Andrea thank you for getting me started on this!). I know someone whose husband is going to Korea, and she said that he can bring back however many I would like if my friends are interested. I think the price would be between $25 and $35. They come in light green, pink, blue, grey and are lightweight but quilted. Will try to post a picture of me in it later if anyone is interested.

I would do this as a coop for our DDC (is that the right term? I've never done this before so might need some coaching.) I need to have everything figured out in the next couple of weeks as he is leaving soon.

Last week I got my first Podaegi and have been loving it!!! It is so comfy and easy to use - each time I use it I think I've been figuring out more and more. Kali loves being on my back in it.
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Hey Linda, thanks for posting this. I might be interested. Do you know what kind of fabric they're made of? I'd also be interested in seeing pix.

Yes, post a picture. How is this different than a mei tai?
It may be a day before I can post a picture...but here's some more info.

The Podeagi is like a thin quilted blanket with a 4 inch strap on top. These are made of cotton or cotton blend. I'm not sure what they are lined with. My bet is probably just polyester fill? Not sure, they aren't organic or anything like that, unfortunately, just whatever everyday Korean women would buy at their regular store. You wear it wrapped around your torso - see a picture on this thread:

Or, you can wear it with the straps over your shoulders. There are some pictures of both methods (and instructions) on the site:

I've been wearing mine totally without any shoulder straps with Kali on my back. It is so doggone comfortable I can't believe it - nothing pulling on my shoulders. It takes a little practice, I am finding, to get it right so it doesn't press on my breasts, but when I get it right it feels great.. This is supposed to be a good carry for busty women I think.

Will try to get some pics up soon.
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I'm interested. I'd also like to see pictures, maybe of the different colors?
i woudl love one and what an awesome price!!!
i am interested (if i can pilfer the money from the grocery allotment.)

so glad you're all going to try podaegis!!! make sure to check out carter and i in the wearing instructions on the link linda posted above (traditional carry)!

linda - i have a real korean podaegi and wanted to ask you one thing. mine is significantly smaller than the wahm versions. my guess is because korean women are often pretty small. my mil has no problem wearing it, but i'm large chested so it doesn't fit me as well. it's still doable but not a perfect fit. could you comment on the size so that some of the bigger mamas will know how it'll fit? maybe dimensions? i can compare it to my homemade and korean versions if it would help anyone...

and if anyone needs troubleshooting i can try and help too.
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Okay, still working on the picture thing, but here are the measurements:

Body (i.e. quilted blanket part) = 59" wide x 29 3/4 deep
Each strap (to edge of the body) = 57"

Andrea, how does that compare to the ones you've seen?
And, Andrea, did you have yours last summer? Was it hot to wear?
take me off the list i am going to splurge on the diaper cover in the coveting thread. but never am i going to tell dh how much it costs.

okay, i'll have to find the real korean podaegi later today to measure. i'll post measurements for both later today.

re: summer - i was absolutely fine during the summer, but that was in portland, or a few years ago. those of you in warmer climates would probably use it mostly in the winter.

i'll get back to post measurements soon...
Finally, here's a picture of me wearing the green podaegi (terrible picture, sorry, self-timed!). I probably don't have it on perfectly - but it works, as you can see, Kali is sleeping.

I don't have any samples of what exactly the other colors would look like (I haven't seen them myself as this green one was the only one she had), but I would imagine that they are similar in tone/shade to this light springy green. Pink, blue, grey. She said that they could be worn in the summer and winter equally, but I think this might be a little hot if it were 90 degrees out. The fabric is quilted but rather thin, not overly bulky.
hm...i've often wondered about this...i think my large chest would make it very difficult to wear.
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Originally Posted by michelemiller
hm...i've often wondered about this...i think my large chest would make it very difficult to wear.

oh honey, i'm a 34J and wear one! in fact, i think my large chest helps it stay up!
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Thanks for the pic, Linda! It looks very, very comfy. I'm intrigued about trying my first carrier that doesn't need my shoulders!
Okay, I need to call her in a couple of days to order. Here is the list so far:


Please let me know what color you want: green, pink, blue or grey.

Anyone else want a Podaegi?

Also, do I need to do anything official to do this as a coop? I'm assuming that everyone will just pm me their address and then paypal me when they arrive?
you cant do a coop right now, so i would do this through our yahoo group if i were you.
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oh, and its baby blue right? so id love a blue one.
although i am one of those mamas who consider my carriers MY clothes, not ds3's, so i dont care about them being girly. i am a girl and i kind of have to express that in my home, being the only girl.
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gosh, i'm completeky intrigued by these and totally want one, but not sure i can swing it this month (unless somebody wants to buy some diapers
).... but really, those that get the carrier will have to show them off!!
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