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Last RB Stocking, CAME TODAY:

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Has everyone received their merchandise? I'm getting worried, I still haven't gotten mine!
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Hmmm, ok now I'm worried.
Oh and they didn't come in todays mail either.
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I didn't get mine yet. Don't worry too much yet.
I hope they come before the fourth! :LOL
I got mine today and I paid Saturday I think??
I didn't get mine yet either.
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I paid Thursday. I emailed Ann and she said that it was shipped priority on Saturday. CO to TN, I wouldn't think it would take priority mail so long but obviously I'm wrong.
I got mine Monday--I'm outside of Atlanta if that helps you gauge things. Doesn't delivery confirmation come with Priority now? I hope it arrives safe and sound. Your diapers must be so frightened out there alone...
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I wouldnt worry just yet, even though the post office says 3-4 days, it can take up to 10 days.

You said she shipped it Saturday? well today is day 3 of the 4 days so i would figure it should come tomorrow.(remember it is in business days, not regular days)
Update: Still did not receive this today. And, today I received two first class packages that were mailed Monday and Tuesday of this week. Now I am worried, as I did not purchase insurance and there were three diapers in there.

Anyone else who hasn't received there's still waiting?
Bummer! I bet it will show up though. I have had this happen 3 times. All oddly enough were coming from either New Mexico or Arizona (but 3 different sellers!). All 3 times the packages (shipped Priority, no less!) took between 6 and 10 days!! I was so mad! But when the package arrived, the postmark was the date the shipper said it was. I don't know why it happens but it does.
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I'm in NM and got mine today. I paid w/a MO too, so it took way longer for her to ship them than people who paid paypal, I imagine.
Oh I'm not doubting Ann at all! I've never had a problem receiving my items in a timely manner from her.
We haven't received ours yet...but it's for a baby that's not due for a while yet so we're not aiming for this weekend.
Guess what? It came today. Got shipped to my old address instead of my new address. All of my receipts and paypal said to ship it to my new address, but the invoice that she sent me had my old address on it, and I didn't catch that until today! I'm just glad that my red white and blue diapers got here before the 4th!
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