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I've been charting daily for well over a year, and since about Nov. my periods have been late. I do have PCOS, but they have always been regular once a month. My job has been extremely stressful since early last summer and now my body is paying for it.

my cycles recently have been 34, 35 days, a 40 day, and now I'm on day 43 with no sign of a period coming (although I keep getting the cystic acne like it's coming). I have NEVER missed a period, EVER until now
Even the stress of my first husband dying in 2001, I never missed a period or was late!

I highly doubt I am pg because we didn't DTD at the right time and I have no signs. I'm probably not even ovulating according to charts. Usually the temps are 'jumpy'.

My questions are:

-the other odd thing is that for this cycle my temps have been consistently high, which has never happened since I started charting. Anyone know what that means?

-I just started on Metformin (which got me pg last time) but because of the stress and late/now missed periods i'm wondering if it is even going to work this time
anyone else in similar situation?

-I'm still nursing DS, 3.5yo. This shouldn't have any effect should it on trying to get pg? If the Met doesn't work, I will have to quick wean him to go on Clomid and I don't want to have to quick wean him
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