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late to engage...anyone else?

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hi ladies!
still pregnant,
i'm like 39.3 weeks right now and not expecting to deliver "on time" no one in my family does. as some of u may remember i am still getting shadow care by a very open minded and pro vbac OB. he doesn't exactly ~know~ that i am planning on UBAC, but i think suspects it--we will both play along with the "oops!" scenario. i have managed to escape this preg w/ only 1 vag exam at 36 weeks was told that i have a narrow pelvis (yeah thanks for that news buddy, like that means anything at all?--i mean, other than eroding my self confidence?) my concern though is that though i have been doing squats, sitting on my exercise ball and doing tons of walks and stairs, my little passenger's head has yet to engage. i have been doing my own vag exams recently (can't help it, i am nosey by nature) and my cervix is still very high, posterior and closed. i can feel a hard little head behind all those tissues, but it is still waaay up there and out of the pelvis. my fundal height still goes up every OB visit (wow, a whopping 36 cm's, jeeze what ever will i do, that must be like a 6-7 pounder in there---
) and he seems to think that this is some sort of ominous sign. like since she won't engage, that means she won't come out.
i know that most babies drop by this stage of preg, but i also know that my body is perfectly designed to give birth in the abscence of outside intervention. i was wondering if any of you wise women had a similar experience with the baby not engaging till you were "overdue" or actually in labor? any suggestions to coax the wee one down there and make me feel a little better about it? (other than stop seeing the OB, not really an option due to other forces acting on my life right now) ....earphones playing beethoven in my yoni?

gosh it just seems like something would be happening by now, with all these BH and prodromal ctx's every night?

thanks for all your support so far thru this and i can't wait to hear your suggestions.
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My first two didn't drop until I was in labor.
ds didn't engage until after an hour of pushing...he was transverse for almost the whole labor. came out perfectly fine and wonderful.
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Most babies after the first one don't drop until labor is either just getting started, or well underway. You are still early. Don't sweat it
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Originally Posted by cathicog
Most babies after the first one don't drop until labor is either just getting started, or well underway. You are still early. Don't sweat it


I think your baby knows exactly what he/she is doing.
With my last baby she floated really high most of the pregnancy. Near the end I'd have ctx off and on in patterned time that lasted for hours and hours, but she still didn't drop. THEN, at one point she dropped right down & four hours later I was holding her in my arms. So, don't you dare think that a high floater will equal a long labor. It just doesn't seem to work that way!

Wishing you a gentle sweet birth when the time is for the highest good.
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I don't recall ever "dropping" per se...and I agree that baby and your body knows just what to do. Lots of walking and sex seems to be the best ways to encourage progress...but the process will tkae its own course regardless.
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