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We had our 2nd u's today and the RE changed my EDD to June 10. He thinks that I have a good chance of getting into May. All 3 are looking good and the little bean has caught up. We were actually able to see the head, brain, heart and flippers! There was also a 4th sac that is being reabsorbed so at some point there was the chance for quads. I feel a bit guilty that my first thought when he said that was Thank God it's only 3. But I'm trying to move on and away from the guilt.

I have another u/s in 2 weeks and if everything looks good, he will send me back to my OB and the perintologist at week 9 instead of waiting for 13. He's calling and talking with both docs today so I'll know more when he calls with the blood results today.

DH also complained that I was sleeping too much and the RE said that he should get used to it because he could guarantee that I'll be getting a lot of rest before the end!
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THat sounds great Miriam! Congrats! I know what you mean about the guilt, I lost a twin with two of my pregnancys, and I did feel a little releaved.

Get all the rest you need, I can imagine you won't be getting it after all those babies come!

Good news Miriam! And definitely tell your dh to get used to you sleeping now, cause you need it! Heck, you are growing THREE little beans in there. I'm exhausted and I only have 1 growing.
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You will be getting a lot of rest. Don't be surprised if you're put on bedrest too. I'm glad things are looking good. My friend who had twins also had a 3rd sack that went away.
Congrats on the great news, Miriam! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to see all 3 of them in there!
If anyone is interested, here are the latest pics...

Babies A and C

Baby B
Wow Miriam! great pix! Good luck.. I really hope you get to as full term as possible, and that all babes are perfect
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How cool are those pictures!!! I remember framing ds#1's first u/s when he looked like a little bean.
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Wow 3!! Major congrats to you!! I couldn't imagine chasing 3 (all the same age) I have a hard enough time chasing my 14 month old
Good luck to you and get your sleep because your going to need it
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The babies look wonderful! I'm so glad things are going well so far... take very good care of yourself, sleep as much as you want
Your full time job now is to take care of those babies!
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