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Latex mattress owners! Should I buy this?

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Here's what I'm thinking about..... Does it look ok? Thanks!
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anyone? I don't want to make a mistake with such a big purchase......
if it has not been treated with flame retardents, then it looks like a good deal. i would check on that to be sure though....
It looks good to me: 100% natural latex, and 100% organic cotton cover. You might want to email them and see if it is talalay latex or dunlop latex in that mattress. if it is dunlop i really reccommend getting the mattress in medium rather than firm, because dunlop is naturally pretty firm. I have had a medium dunlop and talalay mattress, and that is my favorite firmness in either.
I was actually thinking about getting this very mattress, but opted for one that could have different firmnesses on eighter side: I like meduim, and DH likes firm.
I'd go for it!
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Hi Kristina
The mattress looks good to me. If I'm reading it correctly I think that it must be 'dunlop' latex as opposed to 'talalay' which is fine (I have dunlop) but from what I understand the firmness varies quite a bit. My dunlop medium is really quite firm but from what I understand a talalay medium would feel much softer so you just might want to clarify with them. I say go for it though!
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LOL Alexandra! I went back to edit my first post about the dunlop vs talalay, and when I was done I saw you posted the same thing. Great minds and all that...
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I absolutely love our latex mattress but we paid $2899 plus tax so I'm thinking those prices look amazing!!! I stressed so much about paying that much, but after a couple of weeks of sleeping on it, I realized that I had gone from having a sore back nearly every single morning on our previous mattress to never having a sore back. And the bed is so so comfortable that I just want to lay in it forever. We love it. And it doesn't bounce on my side when DH moves around or gets up to get ready in the morning.

I say GO FOR IT! And congratulations!
Wow! What a price! I wish I had run across this when I was shopping for a mattress.
I just bought it!
Queen sized (going to get a bigger one down the road and let the kids sleep on this one I hope!) Free shipping too!!! Cannot wait to get it! I am soooo sore these days from not being able to toss and turn as much as I used to with a new babe in our bed. Hope this helps! Thanks for the input!!!!
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Be sure to come back and give us an update after you've slept on it for a few nights. I hope you like yours as much as we like ours.
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Would love to hear how it is!

We're buying a king because our little night tumbler is currently keeping us in seperate rooms. Must rectify this at once!
I'd love to hear a review as well!
I came across this old post while researching latex mattresses.

jrose_lee - how do you like your mattress? Has it held up well in the past year? Did you get the medium or firm Does it offer enough support?

I just ordered a twin for DS from I debated on whether to get the medium or the firm - but I went with the medium since its the Dunlop latex.

I hope we didn't make a mistake. The last mattress we ordered online (a Tempurpedic knockoff) was a horrible. And it was a long, drawn-out, ridiculous process to return it!
ooh I want to know too. And it doesn't have the PBDE flame retardants? We just bought a twin for ds2 at Ikea (latex) b/c I read that they do not use the toxic flame retardants (hallelujah for swedes) and I was so excited. We plan to get a king mattress from there as well, but I'm still looking around.
From what I've read the Ikea mattresses have fantastic pricing and do not contain the most harmful of flame retardants, but since they're artificial foam, not 100% natural, they do have some harmful offgassing problems.

I think we've settled on the 100% natural, organic latex mattress in a king sized. I still don't know about Dunlop vs. Talaylay. The price on the foamsource website does look great! But I'm thinking since we're both heavier we should go with at least 3 layers. Anyone else have any great recommendations?

I was recently reading another thread in this forum that started out being about crib mattresses but ended up being about mattresses in general, and one mama suggested that she'd found a great deal by calling her local mattress companies and one was able to special-order the natural latex without all the huge markup, so I'm hoping to hear more on how she did that too!
I am a Mothering Mama who last year began an organic mattress business after finding out about the toxic chemicals in mattresses. I give a 10% discount to other Mothering mamas. My goal is to provide chemical free sleep as affordable as possible. I do not see anything on about what thier flame retardent is. Ours is wool. No chemicals. That is really what you want to look for. Please contact me and we will see if I can help you with a mattress in your price range that is truly chemical free.
It's not letting me pm you for some reason, but I'd love to hear more about your business and the mattresses. We haven't bought the king yet, and will inevitably probably go with ikea b/c of price, but if I could get closer to organic/natural, I would be really happy.

Also, if you can't get a natural mattress (I think organic in the mattress world means no flame retardants? don't you need a doctor's note? It gets confusing...anyway) what do you do? Just throw open the window and let it air out as much as possible for a few days? Just sleep elsewhere for a couple nights? I'm sure offgassing lasts longer than that, but I'm assuming that might be an improvement. Or not???
You should really call me tomorrow to chat Toll Free: (866) 825-7480
my e-mail is [email protected]
The offgassing lasts much longer than that. These chemicals cross the placenta and are already in a newborn babies blood. They also are found in womans breastmilk. A doctors note is nessacary with out wool. Some companys have created a wool layering system that meets flame retardent requirements. That's what you want to look for. The wool also lets the latex (or rather you on the latex) breathe so it's a good thing (as well as being naturally antibacterial). Personally I believe an organic mattress is a hugely important investment in your families health. It is 1/3 of our life we can choose not to breathe in these poisons. I created a budget 4" latex mattress to help people afford them (fantastic option for kids but I sell a lot to adults too)and work out discounts to help people whenever possible. I would choose a cheap organic latex over a conventional one any day. If you are absolutely forced to go conventional, Ikea would be the best, but they are still a petroleum based foam.
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I know that the pbdes are in everybody's blood and in breastmilk, but Ikea doesn't have them. It says 'natural' latex on their website. Is their still foam? Still trying to figure this out.

Here's the info:
Comfort material: 85% natural/ 15% synthetic latex, 100% silk, Polylactide (PLA) fibre wadding
Ticking: 100% cotton

so is it the 15% synthetic that is bad? Not trying to argue, seriously asking! Sorry if I sound dense on this...
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