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laundry saop for baby clothes?

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Ok, recently we switched to arm & hammer essentials which has the same ingrediants as the 7th generation and method detergants, only it's half the price. I use it on ds (26m) clothes with no problems. It actually gets all our clothes cleaner for us.
I'm wondering if it's safe for baby clothes though. The label on dreft says it has surficants but not what kind and those ionizing things. The arm/hammer has baking soda, coconut/palm based surfactants, natural water softner and water. I'm thinking that if this is the same as using the 7th generation or method brands it should be ok since it's natural, but wanted some feedback.
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Unless babies are having skin reactions I would say that anything you use is fine. They will come into contact with your clothes anyway. I just use a second rinse with our washer.
soap nuts!

I am going to get some, I want to seriously start eliminating chemicals from our home
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I use Sun Free on all our clothes and probably 1/3 of the recommended amount if not less. Now that it's gone 'ultra' I'll probably move it into a Dawn bottle and just use a good squirt per wash. I use Dawn on the dipes.
I agree with Neetling. I wash all our clothes together and use the Clear & Free type of detergent because of MY skin sensitivity and it has worked fine for the babies clothes too. I never bothered with baby detergent (Dreft, etc) because I am so sensitive to perfumes. I am allergic to Dawn dishsoap too- it makes my arms really itch!
We currently use Sun and Earth, but if I had a safe space for it (like a garage or basement) I'd mix up my own with washing soda and Borax. That's all you need.
I'm just washing everything with Charlie's soap. Baby clothes, our clothes, blankets, towels, rugs, everything.

I won't be doing cloth diapers at this time, since I don't have the washing/drying capacity for that much stuff, but I will be trying cloth wipes with homemade wipe solution. We shall see how Charlie's and OxyClean and white vinegar do at cleaning those.
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