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Laundry when you only use one diaper a day?

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For those of you who use cloth diapers when out or at night or whatever, what do you do about the diaper laundry? Do you wash diapers with other clothes during the week? My DD quit diapers about a week & a half ago now (she's 2), and we've been doing something that looks a little like EC since that time (she's been pooping in the potty since 15 months). We still use a diaper at night, though, and I know some of you use diapers for outings & whatnot. So, I obviously don't have enough diaper laundry to make a full load every few days, but I think it's too stinky to leave them a whole week (and, still, that's only 7 diapers).
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I would rinse them when they got soiled (or sometimes just hang them to dry if they were jsut wet) and washed them with the regular laundry, usually with the whites, which is mostly underwear and socks. Rinsing and hang drying them as needed really cut down on the stink.
We did EC with my oldest and I used diapers in public "just incase" and on the rare occasion on got used I threw it in with the regular wash.
i just toss any dipes into the pail and wait until my dipes run out. i have about 12 dipes right now and i do laundry about once a week. maybe because i use a homemade dipe pail disk my pail doesnt smell?
wow i was just about to ask this -- i wonder ... am i doing MORE work with the hand washing of 1 diaper now and then vs. a load in the machine every 2 days?


we are using cds only at night and half the time dd wakes up dry - the other half she may wet 1-2 times before waking up dry - so about 95% ec success rate. been this way since she was about 10.5 months old and i don't see us moving on to guaranteed 100% ec for a while yet.

I usually only do dedicated dipe loads when we miss poops. For wet dipes I'll just throw them in w/ the whites.
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