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here is my story hopefully I can get it all typed out before the kids get to me

This is the first pregnancy where I made it far enough along to have my home visit, the midwife came and checked me out and we talked about my plans for my home birth and how I wanted everything to go and who was going to be there, she asked if I had bought my supplies and I said no, because I didn't want to buy them and then go into preterm labor and be all dissapointed that I couldn't have the home birth, she laughed and said that wasn't going to happen this time I was already 36 weeks and in bc they will attend homebirths after 37 weeks and she smiled and said they would probably come at 36 weeks and 5 or 6 days.

I was 36 weeks 2 days So we went to canadian tire and bought the blow up pool and pump, went home and made dinner, I was really cranky, and hot so I went to have a bath. I stood up after the bath and kerplash, my membranes ruptured and splashed all over the floor,
I was crossing my fingers and hoping that maybe I had peed all over the place but I knew that it was over I went and laid down in bed and checked the baby's heartbeat and all was good. Then I phoned the mw and she was sad right along with me that there was going to be no home birth. We decided to wait for labor to start on it own, she reassured me there was no increased risk of infection for at least the first 72 hours, so we started to wait and wait, My membranes broke on thurs at about 4 o'clock pm, I sent my husband to work on friday, and my exhusband came to get the older boys for their weekend visit I told him to answer the phone because the baby was going to come this weekend and the boys wanted to be there, he reassured me that he would bring them. Now I was all alone with my big baby and my unborn baby, we did some puzzles and danced around, the mw came and checked the baby's heartbeat sometime on friday, can't remember but she told me that the baby had turned breech, and wanted to send me for an ultrasound to check and I declined because I didn't want anyone to be suggesting a c section, I had already had 3 babies vaginaly and I wasn't having one cut out now. I spend the next few hours on my hands and knees and tilted on my ironing board and once I was pretty sure she had flipped, my husband and I and our ds went out hiking He couldn't keep up with us, but I was determined for the baby to come because my confidence was running out and I was so worried something would happen to her while we were waiting for labor to start.
We got home from our hike and after I got Lucas to bed I realize the baby was a lot lower like really low, so I felt a little encouraged at least something was happening. Dh and I ate some icecream and at about 11 o'clock I noticed I was having irregular cramping I thought oooh it might really happen on its own yeah. So I went off to bed to get some sleep. I woke up at 12 30 and noticed that these contractions were a lot more uncomfortable, I walked around my house for a while and tried to find something to do, I opened up mdc but I couln't sit still it made them much worse. I really wanted a shower but didn't want to wake up Lucas, so I went back to the bedroom and woke dh up, I told him I thought I was having contractions and he said something dumb and told me to get back into bed. I phoned my friend and told her about my contractions and she said hey they are coming close together like 3 min apart you should call the midwife, I am leaving and I will see you at the hospital, I said you can just wait it will probably take a long time I called my mw and she said she would meet us there. So with some quick organizing we called my mil to come watch ds but she was too far away so we had my grandma come and sit and the house till mil got there and off we went.

once we got there the nurse gave me a gown to put on,
: then the mw came and said that she got a page on her way there that another mom was in labor at the other hospital but I got her first
The contractions were super close but really manageable I was in the shower for quite some time, I really wanted to be with just dh so we were in the bathroom with the hot shower talking about all sorts of stuff, I ate a banana the mw came in every twenty minues to dopplar the hb, and baby was doing great, I decided to get out of the shower and sit on the birth ball, but sitting was a joke I bounced on the thing, it was really rythmic so I bounced for about an hour, everyone was there by this time except my boys, I didn't want them to have to come until we were pretty close to delivery. My mom kept saying to call them but I was putting it off, My mom and my friend Jen were there, Jen being 9 months preggers as well. My dh and the mw.
It was about 3:00am and I decided it was probably a good time to call the kids because it would take an hour to get there. I decided to go back in the shower where things were more manageable but I took my beloved birth ball with me and my dh came in the shower with his pants rolled up (he got all wet I bounce on the ball and felt a little pushy but kept it to myself. I felt very capable of doing this on my own and I just followed what my body said to do and I didn't need any "coaching" I started asking where the kids were because I knew that I must be fully dilated and I could probably push the baby out quick, they weren't there yet so I kept it to myself. I decided that the shower floor probably wasn't a nice place to deliver the baby so I went and climbed back in the bed on my hands and knees dh was right there with me and I whispered to him that I could feel the baby's hair and to go tell Kim. He smiled and went to tell her. I stopped having contractions for about ten minutes (I think my body was waiting for my kids to get there)
the mw walked in and said that she would like to check me because the woman in the room next door (another mw client) was in transition so she needed to know where to be. She went to do the vag exam and laughed and said the baby's head is right there she is going to come out with the next contraction.
My kids walked in Yeah! they made it I laughed for a couple minutes with them. My midwife kept telling the nurse that the baby was going to be born with the next contraction and to be ready, she asked her three times for more chux pads, and gloves and to turn the warmer on, she told the nurse we weren't cutting the cord and that baby was going on my tummy right away.
Then at 4:30am the next contraction came hard, I started pushing but only a little bit, then about halfway through the contraction I got this involuntary urge to shoot her out, and out she came I pulled her up through my legs and was holding her, the nurse wasn't ready with any warm blankets or a hat she must have thought the mw was making it up that the baby was coming now. Lauren started screeming right away loudly, I held her and dried her off the nurse kept asking about cutting the cord and taking the baby to the warmer and I kept telling her no, she was fine. after about ten minutes Kim said she had to go catch the baby next door because the woman was pushing, and she didn't want the nurses catching the baby. My oldest son asked to cut the cord, he was very calm and happy, and super excited. My six year old had his ears plugged because the baby was screaming.
Because Lauren was preterm and the Mw had to leave the room the nurses took her to the nursery, my dh went with her so they wouldn't do anything to her without me present, then I waited for the placenta, out it came and I stood up to leave the room, the nurse was a little taken aback, and asked me to get back in bed, because I had just had a baby, I told her If she wanted me back in bed they should bring me my daughter. I went to the nursery and she was in an incubator, the ped came and he wasn't impressed that my membranes had been ruptured 36 hours with no antibiotics he wanted to check for an infection and her blood sugar which was fine, he told the nurses to turn the oxygen in the incubator down until it was room air and to have her out by 7am. They didn't it happened a lot slower and I wish I had told them to shove it but I didn't get her in my room until 11:00 am. but I sat with her the whole time with my arm in the incubator. She was never at any risk she was fine and I know she didn't need the oxygen, I demanded they let her out to nurse at 830, but by then she was so sleepy that it was impossible. so we didn't nurse until 11 but she was back in my room.

My birth wasn't what I wanted but the labor and delivery were wonderful and probably wouldn't have been any different if I were at home the after care was a little less than desirable but we were out of the hospital the next day, so it was short.

She was born at 4:30 am, on april the 30th weighing 5 lbs 4oz and 18 inches long
Now that was a long birth story I hope you made it through, Here is the link to the pictures from that night

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Crystal -

Great story! It's a lot like mine except that my labor started right after my water broke.
to you for following your own instincts and taking control of labor (I wouldn't let the doc check me until I was ready to push). Too bad they freaked on the fact that your dd was pre-term (barely) and the no abx thing. But all in all it sounds like it went very well considering you couldn't have your homebirth! Congrats!

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