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A little more sleep?

review by cedarwoman

When I first purchased the Snoogle I was in love. After three months of sleepless nights between my first and second trimester of my first pregnancy, I was unable to sleep for long stretches at a time due to the need to reposition. The Snoogle allowed me greater lengths of supported side-sleeping.

Initially the firmness of the Snoogle was perfect. The head rest was a little puffy for my liking, but it supported my hips well and kept me from rolling onto my back. I'm now in the middle of my third trimester and the Snoogle has lost some of its firmness, but it is still by far the favourite pillow for night time. In order to switch from side to side, however, it was not possible for me to hang on to the Snoogle and just roll over in the third trimester as I share a queen-sized bed - this might not be a problem in a king-sized bed, and was not a problem for me in the second trimester. I found myself having to sit up and flip the Snoogle over to switch sides, which did not solve the broken sleep problem.

I'm of average height and I did not have a problem 'fitting' into the Snoogle. However, its size prevented my husband and I from snuggling in bed like we are used to, so it was an adjustment for both of us to divide snuggling and sleeping time. The cover of the Snoogle is washable, but it takes a few tries to replace it properly!

That said, getting back to sleep was far easier than attempting this on a shifting pile of pillows! If for no reason other than it takes less time to adjust and return to sleep, it was worth the investment to get rid of the 'pillow mountain' I had been using. The first night I slept for a few consecutive hours was enough for me to justify the price: it was that much of a relief!

The Snoogle offers support in all the right places: behind your hips and shoulders, between your knees, at your back, and into the third trimester, I placed my back along the 'long side' and brought one of the bottom 'tails' in between my legs up to support my belly.

I can see this product behind helpful for side-lying nursing to support one's back without restricting access for baby (placing your back along the 'long side' of the Snoogle). I plan to hang onto it for a future pregnancy.

Versatile, practical, allows variety of sleep positionsCumbersome, did not retain firmness


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MUST have for Pregnancy!

review by kalishanti

I don't know how I made it through two pregnancies without this! My last pregnancy I had the Snoogle and it was amazing! It helped me sleep so much more comfortably!! It's also great for nursing in bed.

everythingtakes up a lot of room in the bed. DH complains. ;)


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super comfy

review by matope

I received mine as a gift and ended up re-gifting it... we only have a full size bed so it just took over. If you have a king, go for it... if not, i wouldn't reccommend it!

comfortable, supportivetakes up too much room


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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachco Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow What do pregnant moms need for themselves more than anything? How about a nice pregnancy pillow? The Leacho Original Snoogle Total Body Pillow gives expecting and newborn mothers a perfect nights rest every single time. The Leachco body pillow provides a unique design which follows the natural shape and movement of the body. The maternity pillow keeps everything in line from head to toe, and will keep mom sleeping peacefully throughout the night. Pregnancy Pillows from Leachco are perfect for more than sleeping. They are great for watching television and are great for nursing. The maternity body pillow helps elevate baby to the perfect height. If pregnant, the Snoogle body pillow provides back and tummy support and that is where the comfort lies. Pregnant moms often toss and turn and get an awful nights rest. The Leachco body pillow helps mom wake up refreshed and invigorated. Let new moms and expecting moms get a peaceful sleep every single time with a pregnancy pillow from Leachco. For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item

BindingHealth and Beauty
FeatureHelps expecting moms sleep; perfect for support while nursing after baby is born
LabelLeachco, Inc.
List Price$57.95
ManufacturerLeachco, Inc.
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherLeachco, Inc.
StudioLeachco, Inc.
TitleLeachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow
Height7.25 inches
Length60 inches
Weight5.6 pounds
Width24.75 inches
Package Quantity1


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