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LEAH/TGIF members?

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Hello. I am a new face around this part of the board. I have one DC who will be 3 in a few weeks. We are homeschooling. I recently joined my local LEAH group, and they are offering a TGIF every other friday co-op classes. I thought DC would love this to meet new friends. Is anyone else LEAH members and are you doing TGIF? I am a bit nervous.....please ease my mind and tell me it is going to be alright.
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I'm a future LEAH member, as we're moving to New York next month.
L. (loving) E (education) A (at) H (Home) it is a Christian based group that will offer support and there are perks of field trips and meeting like minded parents. Sorry I can't go into alot now I have to finish getting ready but wanted to pop on here quickly. Here is info link
What part of NY are you in?

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What part of NY are you in?

Hi phathui5,

WE are in the Southern Tier. (Elmira-Corning area) Where are you moving too?
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