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Leaking Bummis covers????

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GRRRRRRRR. My DD's Bummis covers keep leaking around the leg or at the waist. What the heck could be wrong with these things?

She has worn more clothes in the last two days due to leaks or BFP blowouts. I am about to chuck it all in.

Plus she really needs to be wearing wool to keep her bum rash free but we only have two covers at the moment.

If anyone has any ideas what is wrong with the Bummis I would love some suggestions.

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Which Bummis covers are you using? My first guess would be the fit is off-maybe they are too big?
I tend to have similar problems with the Bummis SWW regardless of size. But my kids have always been heavy wetters. In all the reviews I've read this appears to be a common problem; I think the Bummis just have a tendency to wick around the bindings.

They are the SWW size medium. That is the only size that will fit over a big diaper. DD is a very heavy wetter due to her meds.
same prob. I didn't a few years ago with my daughter, but this go around the Bummis are wicking at the legs. I am bummed because the fit is so good. I did try a Bumpy cover and have been very happy with it. Good fit and no leaks. So, I'd say just buy something different when you can.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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