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Leaking like crazy!

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My dd is now three weeks old, and nursing is going pretty well. We had a bit of a rocky start, but she's gaining well, and my nipples are no longer cracked and bleeding. Now I'm just wondering how to turn off the faucet! I'm easily leaking through my cotton breastpads every couple of hours, especially while nursing her on the other side. I tried going braless briefly, but couldn't stand the wet shirts, and ended up leaking on myself, dd, the bed, the carpet, and possibly the dogs. I need some sort of breast pad.

Are Lily Padz the way to go here, or will they likely lead to thrush (which I suspect I may already have - will check with pediatrician next week) or mastitis? Also, can these interfere with milk supply? Has anyone else had good luck with any other leak control devices?
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LilyPadz are great for a night out with a thin shirt or some other 'special' cause. I wouldn't recommend them for normal wear, though.

I would invest in more pads and change them quite frequently.

Hopefully, more mamas here will have better advice.
I had the same problem. Don't worry, it will go away eventually
But dealing with it is a pain. I would double up on pads most of the time and have each be a little off center to cover more area. Bringing a button up shirt or light jacket around with you is great for covering up leaks when they happen. I would also recommend carrying extra pads around in your purse or diaper bag and changing them frequently. I put a towel don on my bed so that my sheets didn't get wet if I leaked. When it was really bad, at bedtime I replaced my nursing pads with washclothes. They cover more and are more absorbent. When I was feeding the baby I'd always leak through whatever so I just gave up and held a towel to the other side. I never fed her in public though, otherwise that might have been a little weird.
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My DD is going to be 8wks. old this week and nursing is going very well aside from the heavy letdown and over abundance in supply. I leak 24/ fact just thinking about it right now has caused me to leak! :LOL

People keep telling me this will go away soon, but I'm still waiting. It seems to be getting better but I need to start pumping a supply soon and that seems to defeat the purpose if I start doing that AND nursing her.

No words of advice I guess...just a sympathetic ear.
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I used regular breathable cotton (disposable) pads during the day and at night some much thicker washable ones. The CONSTANT leaking stopped for me around week5 or 6 and now it is just if she is having a longer than normal sleep and hasn't fed for a while! Or if I am carrying her in the sling or pouch seems to set them off!!!
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I'm nursing Dc #3 (2 weeks) and only stopped leaking when they were weaned! I have to use leakproof pads (washable with a layer of PUL) or heavy flow disposable. I'm just happy to not be engourged all the time!! I have found that if I drink alot of water my milk production increases, so I stay partially dehydrated
Also if I take a hot shower I'll get at least an hour or 2 of dryness, I guess cause I'm all leaked out for a while!
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I am nursing a 3 month old and still leaking heavily as well. I use cotton pads all of the time and just bought a WHOLE BUNCH of them!
I find that when I nurse and am leaking from the other side I just take off my shirt and bra and catch the overflow with a towel. THat way the other pad isn't soaked as well! I second the idea of doubling the pads as that is what I have to do. I just keep a large stack with me and an extra shirt in the diaper bag. I wish I had more advice but it DOES get better...
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Let down is a common occurrence in the beginning months of bf'ing and has to do with emotional reflexes. When my DS was a few weeks old, not only my other breast would leak 'in sympathy' while nursing, I used to experience led down if a baby cried in the neighborhood or even on TV. Things stabilised and improved with time. In your case also I am sure the same would happen. In the meantime, you might like to use good quality nursing pads, particularly when you are outside home. Good luck.
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