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Our fuzzi bunz are starting to lose their waterproofness, and i thought i remembered seeing some comment here about rewaterproofing them...any suggestions? thanks!
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You can buy some Nikwax that is a spray on type. You would just spray it on the outside, let them dry, wash them and then use. That is not too expensive, however, I have an even cheaper option. I bought some Silicone Water-Gaurd from Walmart for 3 or 4 dollars and I think it works just as good. I used it on the outside of several fleece diapers and some pul diapers as well, and no leaks. It has been a few months, with several washes a week. And I almost always wash and dry on hot. Even if this stuff only worked for a few months I think it's worth it. It was in the sporting good section. Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the suggestions! We will get some this week. I'm glad there's another option besides pitching them and buying all new ones or putting whisper pants over the fb (dh's suggestions).

by the way, is it true that bleach makes the waterproofing fail more quickly? We use Boudreaux's Butt Paste (that's really it's name) to prevent diaper rash and it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, but leaves a light tan discoloration on the fleece part, so we do bleach to clean that.

thanks again!
I don't use bleach, so I couldn't say from experience, but I believe it is true. Whenever I have to use a diaper rash cream, I just use a disposable diaper liner by Gerber. That way I don't get the staining on the diaper.
We just picked up the waterproofing stuff, and will try it on our next load of washed we just need the gerber liners b/c that sounds like another great idea.

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You can only buy them online. I haven't seem them anywhere else. I guess Babies-r-us might have them.
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