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I just posted this in the general forum, but I know some of you don't tend to read there, and I think you'd love this approach to poetry:

My mouth dropped open within the first few moments of a talk/workshop I attended yesterday by David Richo, whose books on many subjects I've been devouring. The appearance had to do with his latest book - on one of his favorite subjects, poetry. This page has some wonderful excerpts - from Being True to Life - Poetic Paths to Personal Growth.

What jumped out at me yesterday was the thought with which he began: "Remember that the ultimate goal is not to find out what a poem means or what question it answers. The purpose is to let something in the experience of reading the poem come into focus for you, not only mentally but in an embodied way." Wow. If only poetry were introduced in that way more often - it would be something a lot more people would embrace and make part of their lives. I hadn't expected to actually write anything during the workshop, but we wrote several things, and I was surprised to get deep and surprising personal insights from some of what I found myself writing. I bought the book and haven't read it yet, but the parts I have read are very powerful.
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