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Couple to Couple League sells the NFP book (by Kippley), the thermometer, and charts and more info in a "home study course" (see for details.) The "course" part is nice because you can send in your first three charts for an expert to review and give you feedback on. You can call/write for help whenever you need it the first year. This can give you a lot of peace of mind. It's not only important how easy and cost effective the method is, but also how well you will learn NFP!

We used the home study course and have successfully avoided for 2 years and counting.
Also, I would second the use of the paper charts, especially when you are first learning. I think it's much easier to learn what is going on. As far as books go, TCOYF is a great book, especially to get the general idea, but I think the NFP book gives a lot better advice on TTA. Like the previous poster said, read both!

Good luck!
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