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I learned NFP from books and successfully avoided PG for 2.5 years and I just found out (after 4 mos of trying) that I successfully achieved PG using the same method (all from books).

Here's what you need:
-2 books: NFP and Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weischler
The NFP book is very dry and reads like a text book, but has wonderful information, so the TCOYF book is a good place to start because it adds humor and reads much more fluidly.

-A BBT (basal body thermometer), BD is supposed to be the best brand and can be ordered online or gotten from a drug store

I charted my cycles on a paper chart, but ovusoft has computer software that you can use to chart too. One place that is great for questions once you start charting is There is a large chat forum for questions about avoiding, charting, TTC and everything else inbetween. Most of the women on those boards use the ovusoft software, so you can get answers for that too.

I hope this helps.
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