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Learning to write...

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For some reason my dh is set on teaching our 5 year old to write. (He can't even read yet) and honestly I just don't think he is ready. ds#2 gets really frusterated after a bit. Plus dh is pushing upper and lower case at the same time. With DS#1 we (ds and I) did upper case first and then lower case some time later.
Plus I am trying a new approch this time around and I just don't think it is time for him to be doing that sort of stuff yet.
That being said dh doesn't "help" with homeschooling very much he usually has suggestions or things he wants the kids to do and then leaves me with this list. So the fact that he is actually DOING this is a big deal. I don't want to discourage him from doing something with ds#2, but I would like to stear it in another direction.
Anyone have any info on this subject? Like teaching kids to write too early? I don't even know where to start.

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Reading and writing go together. if your son is ready to learn to read and your DH is intnet on the writing thing, perhaps you could steer him towards the Teach your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons. It teaches writing the letters that go with that days (less than 15-20 minute) lesson. There are free printable worksheets to go with it at

At least it would MEAN something to the cild then rather than be random.
I would get Handwriting Without Tears Pre-school and/or K programs. This way your dh can have activties to build motorskill and other pre-writing activities that doesn't include using a pencil or at least not in a traditional fashion.
My son, at 5yo, was not at all interested in writing. He could write, but he didn't want to. Now at 5.5, almost 6, he has had an explosion and writes all day long, mainly letters to people. And it started with him dictating letters to me. Now he just wants me to tell him how to spell the words so he can do it. But before his writing explosion, I got him a lot of maze and dot to dot books, because he really liked those and I figured he was still working on his fine motor skills.
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