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lease says no wading pools

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Does that mean I could technically get in trouble for a birthing pool if I have one at a homebirth? There is no anti-waterbed section, but this in there surprised me.
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What's the specific wording?

I'd say get the birthing pool... just avoid wading in it
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Do you think they meant no wading pools outside just because it would kill the grass?
Maybe it's to avoid the liability risk that might come with wading pools?

Or because wading pools kill a wading-pool-sized patch of lawn?

Or because of water usage?


Originally Posted by zjande
Do you think they meant no wading pools outside just because it would kill the grass?
That would be my guess too.
You're not getting a wading pool! You'll need a much deeper one than that! LOL.

- Krista
Maintain any wading pools within the apartment community.

Mind you, this won't stop me from having a tub. We'll just have to be extra careful and cover the carpets and such to avoid possible damage.
nobody is going to know are they?i wouldn't worry about it.i don't think you're going to cause any damage so it shouldn't be a i'm sure it doesn't say anything about "birthing pools".and i really don't think there will be much wading going on in there.
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Glad you're still going to use the tub no matter what. I'm sure it won't damage the floors. I layed down a few tarps first, and I don't think it even mattered because I didn't get any water on the floor. Maybe just went I stepped out.

When are you due?
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I think they mean wading pools placed OUTSIDE on a porch or balcony. If a child (yours or a neighbors) would stumble in and drown, the apartment complex could be sued for negligence.

Also, in some parts of the country, city ordinances have gotten so strict as to outlaw kiddie pools, or they require elaborate fencing systems and/or specialty latches on doors/windows leading out to the the laws required for big pools.

In other words, you'll be fine so long as you weren't planning on setting it up in the backyard.
Yep, I think you'll be fine too....besides, you're not "maintaining" the pool, it's just a short, one-time use!
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