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Leave It Alone

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My sister was changing Elijah this weekend and started to pull back his
foreskin. Growl. I was watching her as she was changing him but I hadn't
been there might have been big trouble. She could have really hurt him!! Why
didn't she ask first? I wonder how many other ppl don't know you just need
to LEAVE IT ALONE!! That is probably why so many little boys who aren't
circ'ed have problems. Too many ingnorant ppl. I told her you didn't have to
do anything to it but wipe off the outside. Why didn't she listen? I just
don't understand!
dd Olivia 7-9=96
ds Elijah 8-31-03
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I suspect she is just a victim of all of the myths. It is "common knowledge" that intact penises are inherently dirty and are prone to infections and are hard to clean. She was just reacting to these myths. If she has a daughter, she probably has had to deal with hygiene issues that are hard and do need attention and was transferring those experiences to your son.

I'm sure she had no malicious intent but was trying to do the best she could with the misconceptions she harbors. Instead of being angry with her, explain the function of the foreskin in protecting the glans and meatus and how it is counter productive to try to clean more than the outside. To us, it makes complete sense but to someone who has been subjected to the myths all of their adult life and is not educated to mother nature's perfect design, they will do what is completely wrong while they are diligently trying to do their best.

I Totally Agree with Frank.

Smegma is a strange sounding word indeed. And yet of course the playground kids make it into something else.

I don't have any girl babies . . . but I don't think they need special attention. It's more-or-less wipe-and-go, same as males.

Misconceptions abound. We have been taught the uncirc'ed penis is an abundance of "yucky" things. When in fact it is only the natural way a male is born. People advocating female circumcision believe many of the same fallacies.

Try these links for some further information that may help in your situation:
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Smegma is indeed a strange sounding word. It's almost as if it was picked because it sounds disgusting to describe the qualities of that it describes. However, if you understand the original meaning of the word in Greek, you understand that it was chosen to imply cleanliness and acceptability.

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