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I have to take a trip in about 2 weeks, and I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, and concerns I might not have thought about in preparation for my trip. I've known for about 6 weeks that this was probably going to happen, but I wasnt sure enough to even buy the tickets till last week.

I am going to Florida to attend a fitness/spa event and to become a certified fitness instructor in the workout I have been doing for the past 2 1/2 yrs. I was invited to come, am flying half off, having my room comped, and not being charged to attend this event, where the other attendees will be paying full price for their flights, plus about $800 to attend the event. My husband and I did not feel like I could pass this up. He cannot take off work and come to Florida, and he and I both feel like this is something that I should do on my own, that having both kids there would be way too distracting.

I am taking Lily with me. I have a sitter for her for the times I will be busy working out or getting certified (4 hrs Thursday, and probably 6 each on Fri and Sat). I am fairly comfortable with the person Lily will be with, and have let it be known that if Lily can't handle how busy Mama is, that Lily comes first and I might not be able to help at as many workouts as they may want me to.

My plans are to have Grace visit 3 different families on the 3 weekdays I will be gone, going over before lunch, staying till bedtime, with my husband coming over for supper and hanging out. Hoping she will fall asleep in the van on the way home. She is a very social girl, so having 3 day long playdates in a row will be a great bunch of fun as far as she is concerned I am sure. For the weekend, I am hoping that my friend Audrey will lend Rob some of her daughters to come spend the weekend at our house, and for Rob to take them out to fun places and dinner and stuff.

I am not necessary in Grace's bedtime routine. Papa can read her books and give her a bath and tuck her in, and she doesnt have to sleep in her bed if she doesnt want to, she is always welcome to sleep with Papa.

I am planning to take some videos of us playing together, and reading, and then me just talking to her. She loves any opportunity to watch videos, so I thought she might want to watch a Mama video if she was particularly sad. Just to have it around.

We have no nearby family, unfortunately, but many good friends.

I will have my cell phone and be available to her while I am gone. I leave around lunch on Wed the 17th and return around supper on the 21st.

Feedback? Suggestions for stuff to do? How can I tell her? Please help me do this well and make this a good bonding time for them and good away time for me.

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