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We left my daughter (3 1/2) overnight for the first time when our second child was born. She stayed with our friends with whom she was well acquainted; they also have a younger boy she likes a lot. We made sure to thoroughly prepare her by talking about it in advance, and she got to choose a special toy that we saved until the day she went over there. She liked that. She also helped pack her overnight bag and choose the toys/books to bring. That wouldn't really apply to your situation unless she wants to bring over some of her stuff to the friends' houses.

One thing that helped was that our daughter got to choose who she wanted to stay with. Maybe you can ask your daughter about that, too - would three different families be too much? Maybe she could stay with one. But it depends on the child, of course.

It sounds like you have a great plan - I'm sure everything will be just fine. Have fun, too!
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