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leaving baby for evening or day?

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DH really wants to go to a concert in a couple of weeks at Darien Lake. It is about an hour to hour and a half away and concerts always go really late. It would be nice to go together and even nicer to do the amusement park for the day and the concert.

My baby will be just about 4 months old at the time. I'm not sure I am ready to leave her with someone else yet. DH is a SAHD while I work, so it's not like I haven't been away from her, however, she has never been without one of us around. Never had a babysitter of any kind yet.

Is she too young to leave with a sitter for either the evening or for the whole day? I worry because nobody knows her needs like we do, nobody will take care of her the same as we do.
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Originally Posted by lnitti
Is she too young to leave with a sitter for either the evening or for the whole day? I worry because nobody knows her needs like we do, nobody will take care of her the same as we do.
Only you know the answer to your questions. Only you can even guess how your baby would respond to being left with someone other than you or your DH. Trust your gut on this. If you think it might be traumatic for your baby, it probably will be.
who says you can't take her? You might have to modify your plans a bit, but we try to do things as much as we can together while still meeting dd's needs... we have done a lot of stuff, and just wear dd in her sling, and find that we enjoy it more because she is there with us. Personally I wouldn't leave a 4 month old with a sitter, though my SIL did leave her 3 month old for a weekend with her dh to go run a 5k...
I thought about taking her, but I'm not sure that a rock concert is the best place for a baby. I worry that it would be too loud even though it is outdoors.

And with all the security issues, I don't know if I would be allowed to bring in a diaper bag for her.
hmmm... I think you're right that a rock concert would be too much! I'd say, trust your instincts, then.
My DH and I are travelling to San Francisco on Thursday to see a concert. It's the reunion of his so there was no question - we have to go! DD is 4 months old. We're renting a hotel room two blocks away from the venue and my sister is coming with us to watch her while we're at the show. We shouldn't be gone for more than 4 hours or so, and it's in the evening, during DD's sleep hours... My plan is to get her settled in the room, do our normal bedtime routine, nurse her down, and then let my sis take over. I'll have a bottle pumped just in case, but I doubt she'll need it.

Do you have any family or friends that you trust to do something similar? I've never left DD with anyone but family, and never for more than a hour, but I'm feeling pretty confident that this will work out.

Good luck!
Do you have someone that you can trust with your baby while you're away? I think that's the biggest issue. We have lots of great friends here so from an early point in DS's life, he was with a babysitter now and then. I think it was good for us. And what I like about it is our friends always do something different than what we'd do. I mean my DS's 10.5 months and when we go to pick him up after date night, my friends will be playing with him with some new toy or getting him to giggle doing something that we've never thought about before. I think the exposure to others is good for DS. For us, it's a win-win for everyone. I hope that helps!
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