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Leaving for a bit

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Hi ladies!

We aren't really far enough along to know each other *really* well for this to matter much, but as I have started to get to know a few of you well, I just wanted to post this before "disappearing."

I'm taking a break from my chat boards as a personal fast for the last few days of Lent, then we'll be visiting with my mom for a bit (where I'm not sure of internet access). So... if I'm not around for a few weeks, no worries... I'll be back!

Looking forward to getting back to chat with you ASAP!
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That sounds like a great idea...maybe I will swear off of the internet for a life is easier when I stop answering phones and checking email!

See you when you get back!
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Have fun visiting your mom!! "See" you when you get back!
enjoy your time away, hope its peaceful and lovely!
hope you have a lovely break!

Enjoy, and get lots of rest, and keep growing that wonderful baby
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