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Leaving the single mama world....

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Well girls, after 3 years of being a single mama, I am remarrying this summer. It feels strange, since I truly believed that I would be a single mom forever. My standards of what I would and wouldn't deal with got so high, I figured no one would ever live up to them. Glad I made them so stringent! I started dating my neighbor of 8 years around new years, and he's awesome!
I won't go on and on about us, but I just want to thank all of you. Even though I didn't post a ton, this board was on of the first places I turned to when I left my ex husband, and I often turned to you all during the hardest parts (and the most joyful times)of single parenting.
Thank you mamas!
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Congratulations! YAY! Good Luck! Come see us Anytime!
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Congrats!!! It is wonderful that you have found someone to share your life with, so enjoy it.
Congratulations! It's true that we never know what is around the corner for us...

YEAH...... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW! What an outpouring! Thanks girls!

We are really happy, my kids are really happy, my family is soooo happy for me/us. It is a little weird!

Thanks and of course I will visit lots. There is still a whole lot of support needed when it comes to raising children with an ex, and support to be given to newly singled mamas....
Congrats mama!!!
I definitely have wanted to reply to you!!!

Congratulations. It does give me hope

even though I am FAR from that yet.

Best to you and your new life and family!

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