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Left boob is kaput...anyway to get her up and running again?

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DS rejected my left breast a bit over a month ago and I was lax with pumping, so it's gone almost completely dry. When I pump, I can just barely cover the bottom of a bottle.

Is there anyway for me to relactate that left breast? I'm taking More Milk Plus and pumping a few times a day; sometimes I get something, sometimes I don't.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I figure even if he won't nurse from it, I can use the milk in his oatmeal or in a sippy cup (he's starting to refuse nursing altogether so I am trying to get him to take sippies of breastmilk).

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The best way is to just keep pumping/encouraging your ds to nurse on that side... You can also try taking fenugreek, but it may well increase the supply on the other side, too, so just watch for that... Good luck!
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