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I am a single mother with a little girl and I was wondering if anyone out there has a lefty. I am curious to know of any good toddler toys and advice for raising a left handed baby.
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How old is your dd? Most children don't show a definite preference for handedness until they are 2 or 3. Does your dd show a preference for her left hand? It is pretty well accepted that trying to "train" a child to use the hand that isn't their preference isn't good for the child.
My little girl is 21 months old tomorrow and she has shown a preference since she was about 9 or 10 months old. I think it is great that she is a lefty. I starting thinking about left handed toys when I bought her a magna doodle and it was backwards for her to write and then erase it. My sister visits this site and told me I could probably find some helpful hints on helping my daughter learn to write and find some other people who had raised left handed children and see what they had to say about any great toys out there.
You might try checking out our schooling forums and seeing if anyone there has any ideas. My father and mil are both lefties and complain about how everything is designed for righties. I had never thought about how annoying it must be when everything is designed opposite of what you need.

Good luck. I hope you find some useful information.
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Wow -- I never thought of lefty toys for young ones! I am a lefty, & was totally bummed when the store "The Lefty Spot" closed down right after I found out about it's existence. Maybe you could find some online stores? Have fun -- and remember they say that left handed people are in their right minds!
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I'm a lefty, although my dd is not. I would highly suggest you get either hand neutral or left handed scissors for her when the time comes. The vast majority of scissors are made for right handed people IME and they can be really uncomfortable to use "backwards".

Also remember that she will probably use silverware opposite of a righty and will tilt her paper when she learns to write in the opposite direction.

I can't think of any specific hand dominate issues with toys per se.
Oh yea -- the scissors are a must! And great fun in getting back at siblings when they come to visit at your house & try to use them.
Don't mind me, just a repressed leftie gettin' back at her sis. :LOL

The writing thing -- you may want to help her learn to write while dragging her hand under the line of script:

words here xxx <-- pencil tip

hand down here

This will contribute to a little less control at first, but will be much nicer in that she won't have nasty pencil rubbings all over the side of her hand or arm.

Maybe with toys you'll want to do more of avoiding toys that won't work -- oh - you'll want a lefty baseball mitt if she plays at all (even just gym class, when the time comes), since no one will have one for her & it's about impossible to use a righty one.
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Hey everybody,
Thanks for the thoughts and the suggestions. I will get the scissors, you are right those are a must. As for the glove, no worries there. I am a huge baseball fan and so she will have all the left handed equipment she needs for that. I have gone on some sites and found a few things for lefties. They make pens for lefties so the ink does not get all over her and the paper. I will keep my eyes open, again thanks for all the suggestions.
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