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leftover ricotta cheese

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I have half a (large) container of leftover ricotta cheese. What can I do with it that's not lasagna/manicotti/calzones? I'd like a savory dish, not a dessert (I know you can make ricotta cookies and puddings and such) and something with little or no mozzarella. Anyone have any good ideas?

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I'm not sure if this is too italian, but I just saw this on a food network show..

It's called "Nudi". It's looks kinda intresting. It's ricotta, spinach and something else, but it's cooked like a dumpling.

If your interested the show was "Everyday Italian" it was from Saturday's episode..
How about . . .

toss with tubular pasta, tons of fresh parsley (or basil), perhaps some shredded spinach, some olive oil, top with bread crumbs (either italian or your own homemade) and bake?

I hope that is not too lasagna-ish.
Oooh, those both sound good. I don't mind Italian -- it's just that I only have a teeny chunk of mozz left, not enough to make anything with it!
Most of the recipes I know that call for ricotta also call for mozzarella.

Off to look up the dumplings, thanks!
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just wanted to say that if you can't think of anything to make with it right away, ricotta freezes really well.
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Ilike to put ricotta in the mix for meatballs, they turn out so tender and moist!!!
how about gnocci? I use a recipe similiar to this but never add parmesan.
Also use to make creamy sauce for pasta--just stir it into a thin white sauce.
Very good with salmon and peas, my kids love it.
I like ricotta spread on bagels or toast, especially topped with sliced fruit. It also works for sandwiches.

Also, mix w/ garlic powder and herbs of your choice for a savory cheese spread.

Make a traditional calzone stuffed w/ ricotta and spinach, topped w/ marinara. No mozz necessary.

Mix into bisquits and top w/ parmesan.

Stir into minestrone or vege soup to make it creamy.

Spread it on turkey or ham slices and roll up and eat.

Fill celery sticks with it and top w/ raisins.
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Ricotta/spinach ravioli?
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