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Leg padding, yes or no?

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Okay, so I'm about to order a sling...I'm just having trouble deciding whether or not I should get it with or without leg padding. My youngest DD is almost 14 months old, and loves to be carried. We currently have a KKAFP, and love it, but it's going to be way too hot here to use in the summer.

Do you prefer padding or not? Why? Any other comments? Any help is appreciated!

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It really depends. With a wrap carrier, IMO, it's not important to have leg padding because the weight distribution and the placement keeps the sides of the fabric from cutting into the child's legs. When I had a Maya Wrap (the ring sling), though, I was constantly adjusting the edges because they were forever cutting into ds' legs. Also, with a Kozy or Ergo style carrier, it's nice to have not necessarily padding, but at least a thicker fabric for the seat area so there's not such a "sharp" edge.

Does that make any sense, whatsoever? :LOL
Yes, it does depend on the sling. But generally the heavier the babe the more likely the fabric is going to cut into her or him. I just got my hotsling and I ordered it with leg padding. It's wonderful, does not leave any red marks at all whereas my KKAFP is almost unusable because it cuts into ds's legs so much. Our maya, suprisingly does not leave red marks which I think has to do with the amount of material there is available to spread over ds, and of course our OTSBH leaves no marks. Kozy leaves marks but not that badly if I get it properly adjusted. I'd go for the padding if it's really a question. The padding on the hotsling is negligible in terms of bulk but plenty in terms of comfort for ds.
I personally don't find the need for leg padding, but it is a nice option!
I was still slinging Maddy last summer (2.5 at the time), and when I wore a Maya Wrap, she would complain that it was digging into her knee, so I switched to the OTSBH... Hannah is 16 months, and I find the Maya Wrap or New Native pouch can cut into her leg.

But she just found her walking legs, so it's not like she's in a sling for any length of time right now b/c I have to put her down intermittently so she can walk around in circles, ya know?

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When I carry my 2yo in my Wise Woman sling(unpadded) sometimes there are red marks, but if I adjust the fabric right there are none. I would find the padding hot in the summer.
I prefer unpadded so it will fit better in my diaper bag. I also like the feel of my sling when it's empty but I'm still wearing it- ya know on those up down up down up down up down kinda days!!

I have never noticed any red marks on DS. I even put DD (32 lbs) in once and she didn't complain.
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