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Legal costs for divorce

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I just want to cry at my lawyer bill. I paid a $3000 retainer in January and it's used up. And this has been relatively easy. No custody battle and we agree on most things. I want to scream! I had wanted to do mediation but what stbx refused! All the money paid so far has been by my parents and I can't ask for more! I'm thinking about just relieving the lawyer because I can't pay anymore! And I still have to go to court which is $500 minimum if I bring a lawyer! Arg!!!!
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Most law firms will let you do a payment plan if you make regular payments. I will most likely end up spending nearly thirty thousand dollars because I married a man who turned out to be chemically dependent and near crazy and is fighting every last thing. It's overwhelming and so, so frustrating at the wasted money.
I paid over $20K for my divorce... so I feel your frustration.. we had alot of circumstances that caused it to be so $$..
You don't have to have a laywer to get divorced???
I feel your pain. My case is super easy, except that we tried going the paralegal route and it just screwed things up. I've paid $7500 so far and I know its going to be more and we will probably never even set foot in a courtroom. Its just ridiculous given how paltry our assets were.
It is amazing how expensive divorces can be. Maybe your family would loan you a little bit more?? I have no idea what a person does when they run out of money. I have heard of some people doing ok without an attorney but it would make me nervous.
I used a paralegal as we agreed on everything. Whe had property, children, the whole 9 yards. It cost $350 and went off without a hitch. I feel so bad for people who have to go the contested route. I can't imagine having to spend $30K!
We have a significant amount of assets (but none liquid of course lol), but my stbx is a psycho. Hot and cold, every second. I never know if he'll be cooperative or difficult. At the base of things, we agree on all the division, but he's also a little nuts.....

Here's something else crazy! My lawyer said that even though my stbx WANTS me to have the house and all its equity, that the judge may say NO because it's not an "equal division of property"! Can you believe that????
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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