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My family is fairly new to Lenawee County. We moved from Monroe County where I was fortunate enough to have had a ton of BF'ing support and education when my son was born. That experience has opened my eyes to a whole new thought process in regards to parenting and I am so glad it has. I'm really surprised that there are no LLLI meetings in this area and as far as I have been able to determine, the only BF'ing support education for the county rests on the shoulders of two women; the peer counselor at WIC/MSUE and the LC at Bixby Hospital. I'm hoping to become an LLLI leader and begin holding local meetings, promoting BF'ing with local employers and throughout the area to expectant moms. I'd love to meet some local moms who BF and get a better feel for the area. I don't know anyone here with the exception of my next door neighbor, who's been really supportive even though her "baby" is 11 years old. I have already been invited to put up a BF'ing tent at next summer's Pow Wow in Tecumseh, to provide moms a place to nurse and change their children as well as hand out information promoting BF'ing. Luckily my next door neighbors head up the local Native American organization. I've already been in contact with the LC from the hospital and the WIC peer counselor, both of whom were very supportive of the idea of LLLI meetings and offered to attend when they were available. I also contacted tht LLLI leader for the Toledo, OH meetings, who said there are women from Adrian who attend the Toledo meetings but that she couldn't recall there ever being meetings here. I would like to expand this out to other aspects of natural parenting like baby wearing and natural birth but have to take it one step at a time. If anyone knows of any groups in the area that promote any aspect of natural parenting, please let me know, if not, let's get something started!
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