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Fair is Fair: Introducing Kids to the Idea of Environmental Racism

Environmental racism is a term that was coined by Rev. Benjamin Chavis, who conducted a study which found that communities of color are more likely to bear the brunt of environmental hazards than are white communities.

That study found that these environmental disparities occurred because of lax enforcement of environmental rules and regulations, as well as the placement of landfills and dumps and the disposal of hazardous waste in minority neighborhoods. The problem is compounded by the fact that members of affected communities are seldom found on city councils, planning committees or regulatory boards.
Progressive City Planners

In this middle school lesson, students will create their own imaginary cities, deciding where to place amenities such as parks and libraries, as well drawbacks such as environmental hazards. Then they will compare their cities to the real world - where resources and hazards often aren't distributed fairly.
Reporting on Environmental Justice

In this upper-grades activity, students use basic news reporting skills to explore the impact of environmental racism.
Hope this is helpful for someone.
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