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Also referred to as milk ejection reflex, not all moms feel or sense their let downs. For me, after my baby was nursing for 30 seconds to a minute, I would get a cramping sensation in both of my breasts, but more strongly in the one he was nursing on. At that point some moms will leak on the non-nursing side, but I never really did.

Have you had any other breastfeeding problems? I had a good friend who suffered from myriad problems including Raynaud's, thrush, very sore and cracked nipples, nipple shields. After all of her problems were solved, she told me one morning: Now I don't know what's wrong but I am geting pain when he nurses. She was convinced she had cancer or something. I asked her about the pain -- was it right when he latched or a little after? Was it in one or both breasts? Did it go away after a minute or so os stay longer? After she answered I said you know, that sounds like let down. We talked and she was able to laugh and realize it was, indeed, her body's let down response. We figured she must have had inhibited let down, or not been able to feel it over so many other problems.
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