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lets discuss diaper bags

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I have a bag -- i would consider -- normal diaper bag sized. not a weekender or anything.

Then I carry a little backpack cuz I can not carry baby and bag.

I leave the big bag in the car, and use the backpack on trips.

Backpack holds maybe 3 diapers, if you really shove and a wallet and phone.


neither of them is what I really NEED.
or what I really WANT -- they are both almost right, but not quite......

The big bag is ...well attractive. I thought I'd like it buying it before the baby. It is OK, but doesn't seem to hold much despite it's bulk to carry. It can not get in it all I want to carry; and it is full. It just really doesn't seem to hold all you think it would hold looking at it.

I love the backpack, but it is just too small -- now that DS wants toys and will soon be eating food too. and we drool all the time so there are rags and bibs and so on....and I do not want to try to carry a purse for me too.....


WHat diaper bags do you all LOVE -- or HATE???

I'd like a big one to really carry a lot and that i can leave in the car; with diapers, a balket maybe, spare outfit, snacks, food, wipes, toys, creams, spare cover, wet bag, extra sunblock, and everything i need for carrying with me constantly

....then a smaller one (not as small as my purse/backpack) that i can carry around with us --- but still carry diapers (3) a cover a wet bag for the dirty ones, wipes, a tube of cream, a toy or two, 2 or 3 burp/drool rags, a drool bib, a couple of jars of baby food with a spoon, a water bottle for momma, a wallet, a phone and maybe a small thin revieving blanket.......and room for snacks and a sippy when we get to that point (DS is 5 months now)

thanks goodness i am not also trying to carry formual and bottles and distilled water and so on.....though I do carry EBM bottle once in a while to help with claming int he car seat......


am I asking toooo much????

What is your expereince?

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I'm interested in this too 'cause i hate mine...too bulky, but doesn't fit everything i need.

I'm wanting to get a one-strap back-pack from Babies R Us....I remember my friends from a few yrs. ago and Think I'd like it...I'd have to double check it to be sure though.

And as for in the car...I'm thinking maybe a basket or small sports bag to fit under his car maybe even one of those back-of-the-seat organizers.

I'll be peeking in on this thread...definitely curious if any one's ever actually found a nice diaper bag!

I have a diaper bag I LOOove but it truly was a one-time purchase. here's a link to an ebay auction for a little tiny purse in the same pattern...

When I finished grad school I got a couple of congratulatory checks from family members and I decided to blow it all on one fabulous bag because it was something I would never buy for myself. The things I like about it are these:

The best, best, is that it looks like a great leather trimmed purse, rather than a diaper bag.

The fabric has white, pink, black, brown, blue, green, and fuscia in various shades on it so it goes with everything except Red.

It comes with a diaper changing pad that matches the lining (hot pink) with a removable/washable cover.

The handles are really strong woven leather. Ive carried it almost a year (almost daily) and it shows hardly any signs of wear.

It has little brass feet on the bottom so the fabric looks clean and like its never sat on a dirty floor.

It has TONs of pockets. The end pockets each hold a waterbottle plus and there are tiny pockets with zippers for smaller toys or change. It has saddle bag style pockets on the front with magnetic closures that are really easy to access. Inside, there is large zipper pocket and half a dozen small open pockets for tubes, balms, phone, etc.

Inside hold a TON. I can put 8-10 fitted dipes in it, plus wipes, wet bag, wipe solution, toys, and all my own stuff too.

It's nice enough that I can carry it to work or church and it looks totally appropriate...and it still goes well with denim.

If you find a great purse you like, you can always make it diaper bag do-able by getting an Oioi changing pad insert...they're great. I have one to turn my big leather totes for work into instant diaper bags. They open up to a T-shape. Imagine the mat is the long way (top to bottom) and off each side at the midpoint is a pocket. One is zippered and seethrough for wipes, etc and the other can hold a dipe or two or an empty wet bag....reall makes changing purses easy.
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I think you will like a messenger style bag. you can find some really cute ones in great funky fabrics and some WAHM even make custom ones for a decent price. a messenger bag will fit what you need but not overwhelm you and it has the added bonus of being slung across the opposite shoulder if you have your dc in a sling. check out the diapering forum and do a search for diaper bags, this subject pops up all the time and there are tons of awesome links to wahm sites with custom/handmade bags.
We have a Lands' End do it all diaper bag. We love it! It is messenger style with a wide fish mouth, you can stuff the crap out of it, they also have a small day tripper pack that matches. For the work it does the price is great, and LE has a phenominal return policy. We've been using it 6 months and it looks like new.
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I use a backpack I got about 10 years ago for college. Nice and roomy, 2 outside pockets, nicly padded shoulder straps that leave me hands free. I think it cost me about 10 bucks. I have 4 kids it is by far the best diaper bag I have ever used.
I am surprised to find myself owning a Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag. I would never in a million years have bought it myself, but someone gave it to me as a gift. It's gorgeous looking -- WAY too nice for my lifestyle -- but it feels nice to have something that pretty to carry every day.

I like the built-in changing table in the front -- you unzip it and it has a nice soft pad that unrolls and is still long enough for my 8 month old, plus it has two little pockets right above where the babe's head would go, perfect size for about 5 diapers and one of those thin boxes of wipes.

On the outside, there are two "bottle" pockets -- I use one for my older DD's sippy cup and the other for some baby food, a bib, and a spoon.

Inside the big part of the bag is a wet bag that attaches with velcro, a couple of little pockets, and then the rest of it is basically a bag abyss, which is the only thing I don't like. I have to dig for everything. On the plus size, it is BIG -- I have extra diapers, clothes for both kids, a couple of toys, and my own purse.

The biggest downside is this bag is DRY CLEAN ONLY. I'm not kidding. I am afraid to put it down on the floor of the Baker's Square, you know?
I haven't gotten it dirty yet, but I can't imagine how I'll get it clean if I do.

So, there's the review of a fancy-shmancy diaper bag. I think the thing runs $150 -- which by NO MEANS would I consider worth it -- but if you run across one for cheaper, it has its advantages. FWIW, for quick trips, I stick a diaper and a baggie with some wipes in the pocket of my sling!
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keep the imput coming

DH has suggest -- for the carry around bag -- a back pack. i asked "back pack like from college, or a backpack style diaper bag" and he rolled his eyes and said i was putting waaaaay tooooo much thought into this.

I think he could be right, that a back pack style diaper bag for our carry around wouldbe best, maybe, esp since HE ends up crrying it when we are together and i sling the baby....................

Still excited to hear what ever one else thinks

The best one I've found is by Oi Oi. It's a black, hip backpack with room for cell phone and comes with diaper changing pad, wet bag and bottle holder. Of those, I only use the wet bag.

You can see it here:

I got it for less on ebay. It's normally $110 or so and I got it for about $50 (and that was new).
Target has some awesome ones right now, cute and roomy. I got mine there and it's a messenger style red one with two front pockets, a cell phone one on the side, and a bottle pocket that I use for random toys and stuff. I love it...the only thing is that it's a bit awkward when I'm using a Mei Tei.

although I did check out blue moon gallery and am drooling....dh keeps saying...ANOTHER bag??
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The best diaper bag I have ever had, hands down, is my skip

It is just the right size and has worked well through babyhood into toddlerhood. Enough space for mystuff and hers. I think its even going to work well with two kids.

I LOVE it...its really easy to clean, looks nice, takes a beating, and still looks as good as the day I bought it.
I never carried a purse so carrying anything was a tough transition for me. AFter trial an error, what works best for me is a purse with 3 compartments. (Purse size is about 12''X9'' and thickness depends) I use one for me-wallet, keys, phone, etc. One for nursing stuff- very thin blanket, wash cloth, and one for diapers (about 3 usually) and wipes (thin travel case). I love it. I don't carry a diaper bag but have bag up supplies in car. I was shocked howmuch I could fit in what seemed like a small purse.
Yeah, we just use a messenger bag. It is great.
My diaper bag came from walmart. I like it. Its really big and it fits everything that i needed for the baby in the bag. The only problem. I hate carrying it arround. Its so huge. So probally for the summer. I will buy a smaller once sense our son is almost 12months and dosent need as much
Next time, I'm just investing in a nice backpack from REI or something. The diaper backpack I got 2 years ago has been falling apart for about a year now, & it's really uncomfortable.
I prefer to use a regular backpack. I want something my DH will also carry! Plus you can fit a lot in them. I have two kids in diapers, snacks, a few toys, water for all of us, keys & wallet, etc. And it all fits nicely. I Don't see any advantage to a diaper bag, especially if you don't carry bottles.

I just got a new one. Old one was a very old hand me down. I made sure the new one has a slightly padded back to it. That way if I water bottle gets thrown in at a crazy angle it doesn't poke me in the back.

I just ordered this one

Lots of cloth diapering mamas use it and it apparently holds a ton without being super bulky. And the great thing about it is the price. It can be worn messenger style and the strap is long enough to be able to lay across stroller handles. Nice thing about it is it doesn't have wasted space with a bunch of insulated bottle pockets inside like lots of other bags do. I don't use bottles and only carry water in a bottle for kids so I don't have the use for space taking insulated pockets. And if you do need an inulated pouch, you can always buy it separately.

Oh, and if you don't need a change pad, you can save yourself US$6 on the bag by ordering the "Large" version of this bag It's the same bag without the change pad, available in a couple more colours, and the only real difference is the inside lining is a different colour than the diaper bag version (bright coloured on the diaper bag version, grey I believe on the Touring bag version).

Now, if you want a backpack this obviously won't be for you. I tried a Land's End diaper backpack with my first (which I am now selling) and ended up rarely using it because I am a tiny person with narrow shoulders and packs just don't get comfortable on me (although kids packs usually fit they generally don't have the type of straps and features I want).
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When I wast trying to find a diaper bag that both Dh and I could carry without looking foolish (mostly for him) I found the Healthy Back diaper bag. It's really great and comes with wet bags, insulated pockets, ROOMY, etc. You can also find it for sale for less than the site below and may have some help on e-bay. It really is comfortable though.
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