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Let's get to the bottom of this

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Ok mamas, need your sleuthing skills to help me get to the bottom (no pun intended) of our rash. Is it detergent reaction or me not changing baby enough? By the way, it goes away when we put him in a spose

History (long): We had major stink and build-up issues (using All F&C) a month or so back and DS was getting a rash.

I then used bleach with major irritation on DS. Then did a few rinses. Still stink. Used RLR, with about 8 rinses!

Then started using 1/2 cap of Sportwash. STINK is GONE!

Have recently tried 1/2 cap of Tide.

But, DS still has a rash from on his abdomen and sometimes in his leg creases. Doc looked at it and said it was contact rash and not to worry too much. I keep aquaphor on him.

We mostly use SP's with a fleece liner (I don't think it is a fleece irritation since we've used these and FB's for quite a long while with no prob.)

DS is a heavy wetter I believe but I have not been changing him everytime he pees. Should I?

We have hard water. I do an extra wash/rinse with nothing added so I don't think it's build-up.

What could it be? I feel like a bad mommy when I see this rash on him, poor little bug!
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Went to the Doc today...YEAST! Poor little baby has had this rash for a good month or more and finally we figure it out. It's a relief to know.
Awww! Poor Finn! Glad you figured it out! Make sure you run super hot hot washes with TTO (and vinegar) to kill the yeasties, and hang them out in the sun too if you can.
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Glad you figured it out. Poor little guy. Hope it clears up quick. And a good sunning on your dipes is a great idea.
I'm glad you got an answer, Yeast can be a big problem if you don't get it diagnosed! We had a lot of issues with it when my son was a baby...

I hope it goes away soon and stays away...
Ickie Yeasties! Glad you got it figured out!
What did the doc tell you to do? We have almost the same problem and I've had thrush for about 4 months. My Ped said his redness was heat related rather than yeast..... I've never had to deal with a yeast rash before - what should I do differently with my dipes???

My son hasn't had a single yeastie beastie since we started using GSE. I put it in every second wash load. When he last had yeast I cleared it up with putting GSE in every wash load of nappies and using it in the wipe solution.

Changing with every pee really isn't a bad idea esp if your baby is prone to any type of rashiness.

You might consider going coverless as much as possible and eliminating PUL covers and AIO's except when absolutely nescessary. This'll help speed healing.
Thanks for the feedback.

MamaDaednu: GSE-- I cannot remember what it stands for...grape seed? Grapefruit seed? I'll give it a try.

zexplorers: he said that it is common when it gets warm and that just to keep him as dry as possible. He had me go and get a generic anit-fungal (in the athlete's foot secction--(sp?) clotrimazole 1%)at the drugstore to apply 3-4 times/day.

He said that the cloth wasn't a cause but again, just to keep him dry so I'll be changing his dipe a lot more frequently. And steering clear of our PUL for a while...we do live in So cal so it gets warm.
II total second or third or fifth whatever the GSE stops stinkies also, my DD also gets diaper rash when she cuts a new tooth we ussually go ahead a swich to sposies for a few days when it happens, after all its all about baby.

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