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nak-*Raven* has gotten me all excited telling us about her garden growing in so. africa so i wanted to get prepared a bit ahead of our planting schedule and do some seed swapping.
list what you have available.
if someone has something you'd like-pm them for their addy and send them a s.a.s.e.
to ship seeds-please wrap in something like bubble wrap to protect brittle seeds from being crushed.
you can also ship a small bubble wrap envelope with an address label with your address on it inside and it can be tacked on and shipped like that.
be sure and include a note of what seeds you are sending for.
seed senders-be sure and label your seeds.

i have available

dogwood tree (wild white)
matilija poppy (white)
a tamale mix- seeds from three kinds of peppers i use to make tamale sauce
wheat(for wheatgrass juice or grow your own wheat)
red clover

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1.Blackberry Lilly (p)
2.Blue Morning Glory Vine (a)prolific selfseeders
3.Statice (bold colors mix)(a)*everlasting garden option
4.4Oclocks vine (a)
5.Zinnia (lilliput, mixed colors)(a)lovely long lasting blooms
6.Dusty ****** (a)GREAT foliage
7.Pansy Antique Shades (hybrid)(a)
8.Baby's Breath (a)great flower arrangement filler
9.Zinnia Envy (a)
10.Bacheler button mix (a)
12.Chinese Forget Me Nots (b-a)
13.Meadow Foam(Poached Egg plant) (a)lovely conversational flower
14.Amaranthus Caudatus (Love lies Bleeding)(a)

16.Lavender/Purple Malva (p)
17.Capanula Carpatica (Blue Harebell) (p)
18.Bergenia Cordifolia Redstart (p)challanging to start (at least for me) couple of seeds
19.Daisy Garden mix
20.African Daisy mix (a)these are stunning in the garden & vase
21.Ratibida Columnifera (dwarf red coneflower)
22.Carnation Chapaud Giant mix (p used as annual)
23.Moss Rose Sundial Mix (portulaca)(a)*drought tollerant
24.Red Poppy
25.StrawFlower Yellow (a)*everlasting garden option
26.Cleome aka Spider plant(a)*mixes well with cosmos, light minty smell
27.Cornflower mix*bachelor buttons
28.Yellow Correopsis (sp)
29.Creeping Daisy (a)
30.New England Aster (a)
31.StrawFlower dwarf mix (a)*everlasting garden option
32.Black Eyed Susan (a)
33.Texas Bluebonnetblue flower
34.Purple Hyacinth Bean vine (a)edible, but not I've not eaten
35.Cosmos Sensation Mix (a)*light fragrant profuse bloomer/cut flower
36.Peacock Orchids (p) *VERY fragrant, 2 or so years from seed sow
37.Fuschia*great for hanging basket
38.Gomphrena Qis Mix (a)*everlasting garden option

Have to go through my edibles still.

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Sure terrarose! You just need to figure what postage is from the u.s. to can. if you are sending a sase to the u.s.-since you will be paying for the postage back to yourself. I'm not sure- you'll have to ask at the p.o. if you have to buy some sort of special stamp that is valid bought in can. for mail to ship out of u.s. Hope that makes sense. In a nutshell yes!

reececup-your list has me wringing my hands in anticipation!!!! I'll send you a pm!

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will pm you back when ds isn't clinging
) love the nursing toddler that is cutting teeth thing, nary a moment this kid isn't attatched i swear.

NOTE to those that have never seed swapped:

send sese (self addressed stamped envelope) with enough postage on the return envelope to cover "over sized" rate. Last I sent it was around 60 cents on average, but it's been a while. Don't forget to write or stamp on "Hand Cancel, Seeds" on the envelope and sender, please add padding to protect just in case (and it's been known to happen) the USPS decides not ot hand cancel. I use used padded envelope pieces folded around the seed packets (but bubble wrap or soft fluffy cloth, quilt padding whatever, just don't go blow wadd if you don't have to)

Postage to Canada is more, not sure what it is anymore though. There is no need to neglect our Nothern friends just because of the border

Another option is for the swappers to do an "even stephen" type swap
so no postage issues or extra waiting.

OH and if you have an office supply store nearby, they sell boxes of little envelopes (2 1/4 x 3 1/2) that you can put your seeds in. I didn't collect many seeds this year, but these are great when you collect your own or have extras from a swap.

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Well whatever you have that you don't plan on using kwim?

If you are picky (ie. need heirloom organic only), then ask. I have them from all walks so to speek. I PREFER heirloom/organic whether self harvested or store bought, but I have it all.

Say you are interested in oh my H. Beans, but are concerned about their history. You'd ask me either here or via PM and I'd respond. BTW
By H.Beans are from an organic garden harvested by me, got the original seeds from an organic gardener (so she claimed). If you felt comfortable with that answer you'd offer a swap or sese which ever I was willing to work with. does that make sense?

BTW FYI :LOL Seed Saving is VERY VERY addictive, once you get started it's hard to stop and limit :LOL and should NEVER be stopped nor limited when saving heirlooms which need to be shared.

personal information should only be PM'd or emailed and only if you feel comfortable in doing so with the other person.

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Is it too late to join?

here's what I have to trade..

Early Palla Rosa Radicchio (certified organic)
Chadwick cherry tomato (certified organic)
Korean Licorice Mint (certified organic)
Wild Garden Chicory (certified organic)
True Siberian Kale (certified organic)
Garden Sorrel (certified organic,heirloom)
Green Wave Mustard Greens (certified organic)
california poppy
bee balm
angels trumpet
salvia coral nymph
salvia marble arch mix
california bluebell

not sure exactly what I'm looking for yet.

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I have some home saved garlic chive seeds and runner beans (mix of scarlet & painted lady). I also have TONS of partial seed packets that I won't use either because I didn't like the variety or it is time to move on. These may be 1-3 seasons old but should still sprout. I have all sorts of veggies -- what are you looking for?

I'm looking for heirloom or unusual tomato varieties and basils.


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I'm sorry for negecting this thead. I need to get my seedlings started and then I'll better know how many heirloom seeds I have.

M-I got your pm, but didn't write down your info so wasn't able to send out your seeds...just got back up on MDC today so will get in there and get your info so I can send out your seeds hopefully tomorrow.

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Hey, mamas, I just started my tomatoes, peppers, and basil indoors, and I have about half a package of each that I don't need.
These are all certified organic, from Ferry-Morse:
Jalepeno Early pepper
Sweet Basil
California Wonder pepper
Sweetie cherry tomato-TAKEN
Beefsteak tomato

I haven't started these, but would be willing to give you half the packet, since I can't use that much (also organic from Ferry-Morse):
Moon & Stars watermelon
Big Max pumpkin (can get up to 100 lbs!)
Danvers carrot
Kentucky Wonder pole beans

I also have Jubilee yellow tomato from Ferry-Morse, not organic.

I'd love to have some flower seeds that grow in my zone (central KY), especially some zinnias (my favorite is envy, but I'd take any), or marigolds, or lavender, or any nice flowers.
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