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is right here in victoria!! yipee!! i got to pick the stuff up in person when i ordered from there. someone did a list before and i think i bookmarked it. i'll check.

uh huh, dunno how to link it so i may have to do a cut and paste job which will repeat some.

Ajz Things
Ontario Based-Aj`s Wool Soakers

Bums A Daisy
Ontario Based AIO`s,Fitteds,and Fleece Covers

Comfy Cotton
Toronto Diaper Servive

Crystals Cloth
BC Based-AIO`s, Fitted, Hemp Fitteds, Hand Dyed Prefolds Covers etc.

Ontario Based-AIO`s and Wool Covers

Diaper Works
Ontario Based-Fitted and Pocket Diapers

El Bee Baby
BC Based-Cloth diaper Clothes,Fitted, Wool Covers

Alberta Based-AIO`s,Fitteds and Covers

Hannahs Bottoms
B.C Based-Fitteds,Pockets, Covers, Inserts, and Contour Diapers-US Dollar

BC Based-Sells Wonderoo and FuzziBunz Pocket Diapers as well as many other things for diapering

Lil Baby Buns
Ontario Based-Makes and Sells CuddleBums Fitteds, AIO`s and Covers

Lukes Drawers
BC Based-AIO`s,Covers,Fitteds,One Size,Side Snaps

Luxe Baby Diapers
BC Based-Organic Wool Covers, Organic Hemp, AIO`s US Dollar

Maman Naturelle
Alberta Based-Fitted Diapers,Wool Covers, Children`s Clothing

Ontario Based-AIO`s, Fittefds, One Size,Covers

Mothering Basics
Flannel FItted Diapers

My Precious Baby by April
Ontario Based-Fleece and PUL AIO`s as well as Fitteds-US Dollar

Okanagan Baby
Canadian Based-AIO`s, Fitted and Pocket as well as Wool Soakers

Orange Star FIsh
BC Based-New & gently used cloth diapers,covers and other baby items.US Dollar

Ontario Based-Fitteds

Ontario Based-Hemp AIO`s and Hemp Prefolds and Hemp Inserts/Doublers

Soul Mother
Manitoba Based Fleece AIO`S and Side Snap Fitteds, Fleece Covers

Sunshine Baby Shop
Ontario Based-Fitted Diapers as well as many other products

Sweet Cheeks Diapers
BC Based-Fitted, Fleece Cover and More Free Shipping

Tiny Tushies
Featuring fitted and AIOs, in cotton and hemp

Valor Kids
Alberta Based-Wool Covers,AIO`s, Pocket Diapers, Fitted US Dollar

Wooly Wonders by Nada
Ontario Based-Wool Soakers


A Mother`s Touch
Cloth Diapers,Diapering Accessories,Slings,Sunglasses, etc

BC Based-Baby Care,Diapering,Breastfeeding,Maternity,Keepsakes

Behind Baby
Ontario Based-Cloth Diapers,Books, Toys and Baby Gear

Birdies Room
Ontario Based-Organic Fitted Diapers and Clothing,Slings and Skincare

Extraordinary Baby Shoppe
Ontario Based-Cloth Diapers and Supplies , Slings,SkinCare,Bulk Pregnancy Tests

Forever Family
Ontario Based-Cloth Diapers, Arms Reach Co-Sleeper,Toys, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Items

Ontario Based-Nursing Clothes, Slings,Burts Bees SkinCare

My Willow Tree
Nursing Necklaces-US Dollar

Natural Blessings
Alberta Based-Happy Heineys Pocket Diapers,Pregnancy and Labour, Slings, Pouches, Books

Natural Instinct
Ontario Bases-Breastfeeding slogen clothes, Toys, AIO Diapers, Organic Undrewear

Peek A Boo Baby
Alberta Based-Luxuries for Mom and Baby.

Pooka Baby
Ontario Based-Slings of all sorts-EllaRoo, Baby Trekker,Ergo,Maya, MobyWrap,Mexican Rebozos,Solarveil and Mesh

Twinkle Little Star
Quebec Based-Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Diapers and Toys


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OMG Holly! Great list!

Michelle Henderson in Southern Ontario makes BearBums. She only sells on ebay "mommyhenderson" is her username. She is a sweetheart of a wahm, I
her to pieces. I think she'll be listing stuff in January again, December is a hectic month for her.

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Originally Posted by thebenjies
: I'll add it. Kathleen, if you read this, don't take it personally
I'm just a little sleep deprived.
Oh good lord, do not worry. I am invisible, I have been an invisible wahm for almost a decade.

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Thanks for bumping this thread! I was searching just last night for a thread like this and ended up starting up my own little list but my power went out before I could save the list I made, so I'm glad this thread is here so that I don't have to restart the list and now I'm rambling.. :LOL
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