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Lets see pics of...

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Your kids in FLATS! Snappied or pinned- doesn't matter!! I want to see pics- and let us know what fold you used
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Here are a couple of Maxi in a hemp jersey flat I made and dyed - its snappied in the Oragami fold - I SUCK at folding, as you can see by the legs
: Oh and these are old pics too - from last summer.
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Here are a couple of ds from this morning. It's a hand-dyed organic cotton jersey flat, kite folded, and snappi'd. I have a flannel flat folded up inside as a doubler. Oh, and that's how he's decided he smiles when you take a picture. :LOL

Here's some in a hand-dyed blue flannel (doubled napped), again kite fold with flannel flat doubler.
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Originally Posted by grace474
here's one of Ethan in a flannel flat waaay back
Your children are beautiful!
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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders
Your children are beautiful!
awwwwwww Thanks

Everytime I try to get a picture of Ethan, Emily wants to be in it too :LOL
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Here is Luke in a pinned hemp jersey flat folded in the origami fold (and not very well! :LOL)
I love seeing flats. I will have to snap a few pictures when dd gets up.
Gorgeous babes!!

For ours, imagine a blur of a blondie toddler running by in a FB, that's the only way I use them right now lol. His older sister wore them (mostly kite fold) but I'd hafta dig out the baby books and turn the scanner on to show 'em off.
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Here's Colton in a dyed knit oc flat, folded in the oragami fold, fastened w/ a snappi. I just ordered a dozen birdseye flats and I'm hoping that they are easier to snappi. The knit fabric is just a little difficult...

from behind, crawling:


from behind, walking:

happy face!
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Everyone's kids are so cute!!

Here are a couple of Ian in some of his beautiful TDD flats. They're all in the origami fold.
I know I've got a somewhat recent pic of the Mister in a TDD flat on Shutterfly somewhere, lemme go hunt it down
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Okay, this isn't the one I was looking for, but this is my skinny-butt Liam!!! (origami fold, pinned) :LOL

Stick boy, to the rescue!!

These are from last month... kite fold, Ithink... pinned.

Somewhat serious

Silly boy with cold

Still don't know what was so funny...

This is the exact day my cellphone broke

Flat's getting too small for the origami...

And for the grand finale... my first ever attempt with a receiving blanket when I didn't own any flats... my baby grew up way too fast!!!

Little Liam
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Here is my latest favorite fold - the bikini twist a la flats:




If I must say so myself, I am impressed. :LOL
All of these look great! I am so tempted to try flats now.
Same here!
Those look like great summer cover free folds...I'm intrigued! Where do you purchase these flats?
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Wow! I only wish I had some flat pictures to share, because I
my flats for so many darn reasons!!!!

Anita... as for where to buy them... lots of places have flats now! Of course, some mentioned theirs dyed up from Tye Dye Dreams ... then Diaper Ware has plain ol white birdseye or gorgeously dyed birdseye ones, or hemp jersey or flannel ones!.... Punkin Butt has hemp ones... and maybe birdseye? can't remember ... Sunflower Derrieres has plain OC and dyed OC flats ....

(and that's all I can remember at the moment!)
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