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Let's talk about online charting/software

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Anyone have strong opinions on which is the best software to use?

So far I am trying fertility friend and ovusoft. I like the look of ovusoft better, but I think ff will be better for my wacky nightwaking/breastfeeding temps. FF has given me a 3dpo coverline, whereas ovusoft has the coverline set several notches higher and says I haven't o'ed. Ovusoft also automatically adjusts the temp if I took it a little earlier or later, even though at times I actually take my temp two or even three times a morning depending on when ds wakes up and they are sometimes exactly the same.

When I look at some of the pregnancy charts on both sites, there are a few that don't show extremely classic patterns and ff seems to pick up on o where ovusoft does not. I'm wondering about this because when I conceived #1, I was temp charting (not cm) for two months in preparation for ttc. I got pregnant the second cycle and had no idea as my temps did not make any sense at all according to all the classic signs.

What are your experiences? Do you think ff is too sensitive sometimes? Do you think the VIP interpretation is helpful?

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Hehehe... well! I use 4 different ones (I know, I know). I like FF the best because it has the most features and the best support. Ovusoft is pretty good too, however it doesn't have as many features as FF and just like you said, it created a cover line way above what FF gave me and said I didn't O that cycle.

I also use the hormonal Forcaster which is a software that can't be published to the internet but you can use it on your computer. That was is pretty great with a lot of features however it seems to think you ovulate on the day of your temp spike and not the day before.

I also have Cycle Watch, which just has the basic features and is nothing special.
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i have been using fertility friend an really like it. i don't think VIP is necessary though after six months i bit the bullitt and signed up. i like tht i can ask questions, get some extra analysis, not necessarily helpful all the time but informative. also it counts down the days after i o so i don't have to keep counting them myself. pure laziness i know.

i like it and thankfully we're in a position where i could get it. actually i sold some stuff on ebay to pay for it

i havent' used any other types though. i know a couple people like ovusoft but i didn't think 15 days of "test" something that takes a month was very helpful LOL.
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