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Let's talk about Sugarpeas wool covers

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Do they have enough room for my baby's CHUBBY thighs?

She has seriously chubby chubby chubby leggies.

She's got a tiny waist and a HUGE belly and HUGE thighs.

Okay.... and what all fabrics do they offer?

wool flannel

wool jersey

what else?

What is SOFTEST? What is most durable?

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I dont know how big your baby is but if you are going for a medium they are HUGE at least in my opinion ... I sold all of mine because i have small children and the medium fit my PT'ed 2.5 year old on the tightest setting so i knew they would never fit my lil P'nut Teagan ...
I seriously love my SP wool flannel covers!
: Isabella has super-chunky thighs, and they work great for her. She has been wearing size Medium for about 6 months now, and there is still plenty of grow-room for her! We started out on the tightest snap settings for waist and thigh, and we just recently had to move up a snap for the waist. These are our night-time covers (over and SOS w/doubler), and they really have held up great!
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sugarpeas wool covers! they work great for us. the smalls fit for a long time and when she moved into mediums, they fit well, too. she got chunkier and roly poly, but now she has trimmed out and has a tiny waist but still has chunky thighs and they fit.

i bought all mine used. i use the heavier ones (which i think are wool flannel) at night and the thinner ones (which are probably jersey) during the day. i think she'll fit the mediums for awhile.

i think sugarpeas also has a merino wool.
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add dd to the list of small-waisted, chubby thighed babies who sleep in sugar peas wool flannel covers!! she wears mediums with tons of growing room and she's about 19 or 20 lbs at almost 15-mos.
my SP medium wool. I bought on TP. C started wearing it around 7 wks old (when it arrived?). Of course I'm talking about the Pea-in-pod, but I think its the same sizing...I just have the snap=ins (which I also like). Ours is 2 layers of flannel wool.

At 2.5mo, C is on the next-smallest snaps for thighs and waist. But the way the cover is set up, the waist and thighs can be adjusted separately. We haven't had any wicking or leaking, although we change a lot (change every pee) so that hasn't really been tested (also b/c he's rarely in anything more than a tshirt b/c of summer). Although C has woken up from naps in a fairly saturated diaper and while the inside was moist to touch, the cover wasn't wet and the outside was absolutely dry.

Assuming the rise stays OK, I suspect this cover/diaper will last us a long time we have 2 more snaps to "buy" us some time until C starts to thin out. C was in a medium before 2mo so I'm glad I didn't get a small.
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I think SP wool covers are fantastic on chubby thighed skinny waisted babies!!!!

I've read lots of post stating that these run large but they've been absolutely true to size for my dd (who also has chubby thighs and skinny waist).

I do find that as they wear they tend to shrink sideways and loose coverge in the bum area so that my older ones really only work with SP size 1 diapers and prefolds. Keep that in mind if you buy used...

I've only used the wool flannel but once lightly felted they work awesome!
My DD has chunky thighs and she is 19months and 26 pounds now and she still fits into her Mediums. Not on the tightest snap but they still fit. She has 3, and the wool jersey is our favorite. Nice and stretchy
IME they run very large - they are altogether our biggest medium item by far. They fit eliza on all the tightest snaps.

We have one wool flannel cover we use for night. Its a fabulous cover, we've never had a leak and the quality of workmanship is excellent. I love it.

So they do wool jersey too? Where could you get a wool jersey one? I've only seen the flannel on diaperware and natural babies.
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