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So, I knew plastic was bad for a lot of reasons, but plastic is so pervasive that I wasn't sure where to start or what to do.

So, this week I read an article about a study that talked about how high exposure to phthalates in pg mothers caused genital abnormalities in their male babies. (Could I use the word "about" one more time?) I did a little more reading about phthalates and realized they are just freaking everywhere! In all kinds of hygiene products, food products, toys, vinyl house siding, flooring, etc.

I found a website with info about hygiene products., but it really only addresses beauty products. I did learn that the EU has banned phthalates in cosmetic products (so it can be done), and that the US FDA does not even require them to be listed on the ingredient list (big surprise there!).

So, I guess I'm wondering what other household products contain phthalates, if you know personally or can point me to a list or a good website. When I did a search I got the "Plastics Council," which just extolled the virtues of filling our homes with plastic items--it actually said they "bring color to our lives."

Also, what are some things you do to avoid these chemicals (particularly if it's not an obvious answer like using glass instead of plastic food containers)? But a big question I have is what the chemical names are in the first place, because I'm assuming "phthalates" won't be listed anywhere on an ingredient list.

BTW, I emailed TIGI (makes hair products) to find out if their prods contain phthalates and I got back the most assinine email about how they can send me an ingred. list, but they are also not a chemical lab, blah, blah, blah, and I should talk to my physician about phthalates. Yes, because I'm sure MY physician (if I had one) would be so helpful in learning about THEIR products. GRRRR! Anyway, I am going to request the ingred. list (postal mail) but I need to know what chemical names to look for.

Thanks! Feel free to share your wisdom, thoughts, complaints, etc. about phthalates. I'm just a baby learning at this point.
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For make up or anything like that if it has Fragrance in it (not essential oils but fragrance) it will have Phthalates in it.

For plastics, the safest plastic is 2 and 5.
Actually, many products DO list phlalates in their ingredients list. DH used to use Aussie hair spray until he read the list and saw that it did. It will generally have a name that includes the word so it might say something like "metaerophalate." (I totally made that up.) So read the lists and look for the word inside another word. Most often, phalates are used as softeners or binders which is why you find them in things for children like pacifiers or bottle nipples. You're not going to find them in hard plastic.
Thanks for the good information! I'll have to check out my hair products and see if any of them give that information. We're also getting rid of the plastic in our kitchen and replacing it with glass or Corning ware.
They use this stuff in pacifiers and bottle nipples????
I do not think there are phylates in silicon nipples or pacis, nor latex, but maybe I am wrong.
It was my understanding that #7 plastics were particularly bad, and they often are a hard plastic, like the nalgene bottles.
Vinyl scares me alot... and whenever I have seen design shows on tv, they call it linoleum, which is incorrect... just another thing to watch out for. True linoleum is made without plastics at all, but vinyl is the stuff with the distinct oder. Vinyl siding is bad for more reason than phylates. It offgases and it traps moister in the walls because it does not vent or breath. This can cause mold or rotting wood.
It is good to make a slow, yet steady switch to better materials.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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