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Let's talk quantity...

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My dd is 7.5 mos now, and I'm just curious about quantity per pee. About how much in quantity does your baby pee? Obviously after naps and sleep it seems more than throughout the day, but sometimes my dd pees very little. It's always light yellow and not a harsh smell. I thought she'd be spacing out a little more by now, but I'm finding that she'll wet more frequently even with only a small amount of pee, and I'm having more misses. I primarily don't receive cues with her and rely more on timing. Have I discuraged her natural timing with this? Is her bladder sensitivity going to be affected by this, i.e. is she unable to hold more urine because I have always asked her to release more often?

Sorry, if I'm confusing...long night last night.

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Totally can relate to those long nights!

In our experience, I don't see that by using timing more so than cues can cause any problems. I often wondered this myself. My DS is 20 mos so there is quite an age difference between mine and yours....but for the last month or so I have been able to ask/tell DS to push out more potty when he's on the potty. I am amazed that he actually does it. Sometimes when I potty him, he just wants to squirt a little out and be done, then I say "Oh....push out some more potty...I know it's in there...go ahead...push out a little more." Then I know that his bladder is really "empty" and we can go a longer stretch before the next potty break. I did not get real cues from DS until around 14 months. As far as amounts....mostly, he would fill just the bottom of the BBLP and sometimes he wouldn't cover the bottom...just about a 1/4 of it. It really did vary depending on how long between potty breaks, fluid intake and if we had misses. Hope that helps a bit.
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