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Originally Posted by Electra375
Anyone just use an embroidery machine and do their own or is it too time consuming to set the "tag" on it before final production?

I own and use an embroidery machine with software (along with a couple of other machines). Call me cheap, but just starting out I don't have $300 to shell out for labels. The $$ I do have is going toward supplies.

Is there anywhere out there that does say 50 labels at a time?
No, the setup is too much. They actually have to program in your design by hand. And I don't know but I think there may be some "waste" at the beginning of the run. (Like, if you run print out on newsprint it takes the first 1000+ or so copies to get the inks all going and right.)

However if you have a programmable embroidery machine, I don't see any reason you couldn't do some yourself. I would make up a whole bunch on a sheet of fabric, then cut them out and melt the edges w/ a lighter. It's worth a shot. If I had an embroidery machine I'd be all over that.
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