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I got mine from PCB label. I love them! They are exactly what I wanted
I paid between $3-400 ( I don't remember right now) And a $50 first time fee for the color set up thing (man its kinda late. sorry I am not being entirely clear) And this is for 3,000 labels. Maybe this is a lot? but they were nice to me on the phone when no one else really was

the only thing I feel suspicious of is that there was a little delay in production and they told me it was for chinese new year. I bought from them because they were a Cali based company and I just assumed the production would be here. Why would I assume this?
I'm guessing they were made in China though. I could be wrong about that or maybe its just a lovely place to work in China but I just felt a little unsettled about it. Next time around I'd ask about this first and I also would like to check out Luscious Labels. Is carmen an mdc mama? I've only heard wonderful things.
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